Erkek UA Curry 3 Basketbol Ayakkabısı

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  • Threadborne™ üst bölüm hafif yön mukavemeti sağlayarak, maçın en değerli oyuncusunu destekler: Stephen Curry
  • Meta-wing karbon fiber gövde topuk, ayak kemeri ve ön ayak boyunca muazzam bir stabilite sağlar
  • Anafoam köpük vücuda tam uyum, hafif yapı ve destek sağlar
  • Charged Cushioning® ilk adım hızını ve yön değiştirmeyi güçlendirir
  • Balık sırtı çekiş deseni sahada stabiliteyi, kavramayı ve desteği artırır
  • Imported
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Beden Tablosu
US Erkek CM Euro UK
7 25 40 6
7.5 25.5 40.5 6.5
8 26 41 7
8.5 26.5 42 7.5
9 27 42.5 8
9.5 27.5 43 8.5
10 28 44 9
10.5 28.5 44.5 9.5
11 29 45 10
11.5 29.5 45.5 10.5
12 30 46 11
12.5 30.5 47 11.5
13 31 47.5 12
13.5 31.5 48 12.5
14 32 48.5 13
14.5 32.5 49 13.5
15 33 49.5 14
15.5 33.5 50 14.5
16 34 50.5 15
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Curry 3 basketbol ayakkabısı rahat ve kullanışlı. Rahatlıkla tavsiye ederim.


I am in love with this shoe. I knew I had to have it right when I saw it.


the first time I saw this shoe @ olympia, I fell IN LOVE with the feel and the looks. now of course the curry 1 and 2 kinda fit a little better for my style but these. OMG! They are so comfortable and they look so fresh on my feet. I cannot wait to wear them on court next year

This product has amazing features.

This shoe has maximum comfort and control and I love it.

Comfy shoe

I bought a pair because I believed they looked nice and felt comfortable. I wore them to several events and wore them all day walking a lot and was surprised at how well my feet held up. Bought another pair and used it as a everyday shoe and they hold up well and no issues with my feet. Ironically I play basketball but use different shoes. But when I wear this shoe I often get compliments on how nice they look and I love the feel.

Its good shoe but please make a shoe that is good in aesthetic also.

Shoes good and its comfortable but i have a question do laces are short on my particular colorway in double blue then black outsole oe nah cus when i lace it on the final hole to keep me locked in, the laces are short and i cant do double knot please respond if it is yes or no and can i go to the store and replace it with new shoe.

Traction was Subpar

I purchased these Curry 3s and used them once in a game. The traction is horrible compared to its Ancestor the Curry 2 and 2.5 With the Curry 3 i was sliding on the court as well as not being able to sprint easily

Exceeded my expectation

I'm impressed by the comfort and performance of this shoe. Before my break-in game, I was suffering from ankle strain and expect it might get worse. I've UA shoes for running and gym workout but it wasn't that great. To my surprise, the Curry 3 delivered well and protected my ankle all through-out the game! The traction was also superb - making sure all your moves are sure-footed. I bought half size bigger than my usual (10.5) since it was a bit narrow for my feet. It didn't feel loose at all while using it.

Great looking/comfortable shoe but NO skates.

Big UA sneaker wearer and bought these to replace my Curry Clutchfit basketball shoes because although they are still in great condition after 1.5 years of use, they had no traction at my local gym floor. Figured floor was extra dusty and traction was worn (though did not look it at all) but others were not slipping like I was so upgraded to these Curry 3 shoes. Played 2x and they felt great but still slipping and sliding. Floor was a little dusty but I was the only one having severe slippage when I went to cut or defend my guy and my hamstrings were sore from the constant tension and slipping. Love the way they look and feel but that herringbone pattern does nothing for basic hardwood and sadly am taking them back. Still wear UA running shoes but the basketball shoes I will have to go elswhere. When others acknowledged the floor might have been a little dusty but their shoes were still squeaking with traction and I had to stop between games to wet the bottom of my shoes means the traction might only work on really new stick hardwood.

Great Casual/Dress Shoe

I bought the Curry 3 Lux in Oxblood Red to wear during the day- I am a banker who stands 8+ hours a day. The shoe not only looks classy but it feels incredible! Being my first pair of UA shoes, I was a little hesitant to try them, but I can say after a month that I am very happy with my purchase. They keep my feet and ankles from getting sore during long days. I have flat, wide feet and these have helped my arches tremendously. Thank you again for making great quality shoes!