Çocuk UA Grade School Curry 7 Basketbol Ayakkabısı

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Ürün DNA’sı

Stephen, 3 yıldızlı çaylaklıktan 3 dünya şampiyonluğuna ulaşmasını, başarıya odaklanmasına ve sahayı nasıl kontrol edeceğini bilmesine borçlu. Onun oyun stili için geliştirilen bu ayakkabı hareketlerinize hızlı tepki verir, dengenizi korur ve daha fazla mesafe katetmenizi sağlar.
  • Bölgesel alanları güçlendirmek için sentetik deri, file ve TPU yüzeylerden oluşan şeffaf katmanlara sahip üst kısım rahatlık, denge ve hareket kabiliyeti sunar
  • Bilek ve topuktaki köpük dolgu daha fazla rahatlık sağlar
  • İç dolgu astarı ayakkabıyı giyer giymez rahat etmenizi sağlar ve denge sunar
  • Under Armour HOVR™ teknolojisi hedefinize daha hızlı ulaşmanız için enerji kazandırır
  • Micro G® yastıklama ilk adımınıza ve her dönüşünüze hız katar
  • Esnek plaka her harekete destek ve denge kazandırır
  • Dekuple topuk daha doğal hareket kabiliyeti sağlayarak ayağı dengelemeye yardımcı olur
  • Kauçuk dış taban maksimum zemin kontrolü ve kavrayış sağlamak için zikzak tutuş deseni kullanır
  • İthal edilmiştir

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11 Yorum

These Shoes are great on court and off

These look awesome and their multiple cushioning’s and ankle support it makes it great on court and off they smell incredible inside and that doesn’t let stink up inside. I went .5 size up to 7 and it still felt snug like it’s supposed to but as long as their is toe space your good (not that snug also I went .5 up so they would last me longer ) .

Stocking up

I need the Green Curry 7 sour patches to get into stock faster because I really need them for a birthday right now I’m 2 weeks.

fits great/looks great

i play basketball for my school and every one was talking about my shoes. i bought the green sour patch and they were great they felt great when i was running round the court. me and my teammate mismatched a couple of games and we were the talk of the school. i have at east one of each color of the curry sevens and they all are great.

Dope Shoe

I love this shoe it has max comfort and max performance.

Caused Bleeding Blisters

My 10 year old son received these as a Christmas gift. We purchased the Sour Patch Peach/Plasma. He wore them for a basketball game and could hardly walk after his game. He took the shoes off to find both ankles bleeding. The second time he wore them for a game, we had to wrap both ankles, but these shoes still caused blisters and he was bleeding through the wrap. Needless to say, he won't be wearing them again. We've purchased new basketball shoes. With three boys in sports, we don't love wasting money on shoes. We have an upset boy who was really looking forward to wearing these.


I just got my curry 7 sour patch kids green shoes and so far I am amazed. The detail is so elegant, the inside of the shoes is simply beautiful. They hug my foot but not so much that it is tight, my fort fells very supported. Over all I am very happy with my purchase. I can’t wait for the Curry 8!! I will get them for sure. Thanks for a great shoe!!

Sweet and sour

Got the green sour patch kids for my 11 year old son for Christmas. He loves - loves - loves them. He plays a ton of basketball and says his new SC 7’s are super springy and grippy. They were pretty stiff first time wearing them but broke in nicely. High performance hoops. Most of all they are the sickest looking shoes out. He’s a huge SC fan so he love representing the under armor gear.

Purchased the curry7 green sour patch

Very nice! The best looking Curry's yet. The sour patch theme is awesome. Expensive but cool...

Third year buying Currys

My son absolutely loves these shoes, usually he gets black or white but we decided on the lime green and he says they are “so sick”. Everyone compliments him on the color. My only complaint is that the laces aren’t long enough to double tie. We did go up a half size which is usually the case for Currys. He need shoes every 2-3 months due to how hard he plays so if these last that long that’s good enough for me.

Caused Blisters

My son and 2 of his friends bought the new sour patch collection and used them for a 3 game tournament this past weekend and all 3 boys developed blisters around the ankle. They look great, but don’t know what happened. These boys have owned all the Curry’s and this is a first....