Erkek Armour Fleece® Eşofman Altı

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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek Armour Fleece® Eşofman Altı

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Armour Fleece® is our original performance replacement for old-school fleece. That means these men's baggy workout pants are light but incredibly warm, and will give you just the right amount of stretch.
  • Loose: Tam anlamıyla konfor için daha bol bir kesim
  • Armour Fleece® hafif, nefes alabilen ve esnek yapısıyla üstün hareket kabiliyeti sunar
  • Yumuşak iç katman ısıyı hapsederek sıcak tutar ve rahatlık sağlar
  • Gizli elastik bel bandı dış kordonludur
  • Açık el cepleri ve sağ tarafta üstten açılan Strength Pocket™ bulunur
  • Paçalar elastik biyelidir
  • İç dikiş: 78,5 cm
  • Düz bacak kesimine sahiptir
  • %100 Polyester
  • İthal edilmiştir

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Great features

The my fit perfectly (I’d send pictures but I’m writing this from work). The color wasn’t exactly what i thought it was gonna be but 9.5/10


I've been a customer over 5yrs. It seems the pants run smaller than they use to before I wore a 2xl in pants . (My old UA clothes fit better than the new stuff). 2nd time I had to return pants cause they run smaller. Now I order a 3xl it still to small I dont know if its the different material being used in the production process.. So gonna order a 4xl for now on. I lost 30lbs.. so my legs havent gotten bigger. I still love the tops & hoodies

Shrank drastically

These pants were great for the first few wears. But when I washed them the third or fourth time they shrink up 4 or 5 inches. I’ve never had this happen with any pants. I can no longer wear them. And it’s too late to return them. Do not buy these!

Perfect fit!!

I love the fit on these. Always worried about my cell phone along with other things in my pocket. The nifty cellphone pocket takes care of that!! Great buy!!!

Shrank terribly

I’ve never had UA fleece sweatpants shrink on me before but these shrank approximately 3 inches in length. The weirdest part was that it happened 3 months after I bought them and not on the first wash. Prior to that, they were my favorite sweats. I ordered XXL Tall and I’m 6-5, so they’re completely unwearable now.

Love them

I love these pants. They block out the wind and cold. If in doors they allow the over body heat out. You don't sweat in them it's hard to explain but they are simply the best. I three pairs already. Ordering another pair today.

Best ever!

Great! This is probably my 6th pair of UA trainers, and I'm never switching again lol!


So So So disappointed....I am 6'2 and ordered tall size.....I don't think UA knows what tall is. UA had great products in mid 2000s and now they are horrendous. Sizes vary when ordering same size. I loved the original UA back in the day but now? No!

Nice pants except...

I'm an elderly senior and like the warmth, fit and slip-on convenience of the UA pants. I do miss having a fly opening but have to lower the pants when nature calls. Now the tie string is in the front which causes even more problems for those elderly drips. Please put the string back inside or provide a fly opening.

Best tall length

Seriously the best pants! So warm. Perfect size. They don't make women's pants tall enough so I always have to go to men's, which is a bit irritating but at least these fit. I need them to come back with small or medium talls though. They are out of stock still!