Erkek Çocuk Armour Fleece® Sleeve Kapüşonlu Üst

Ürün Kodu # 1318229
Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek Çocuk Armour Fleece® Sleeve Kapüşonlu Üst
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Beden Rehberi
Sınırlı stok nedeniyle, her müşteri sadece 20 adet alabilir.
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek Çocuk Armour Fleece® Sleeve Kapüşonlu Üst

Ürün DNA’sı

Armour® Fleece eski moda polar yerine orijinal olarak performans için üretildi. Hafiftir, son derece sıcak tutar ve yeterli ölçüde esner.
  • Loose: Tam anlamıyla konfor için daha bol bir kesim
  • Armour Fleece® hafif, nefes alabilen ve esnek yapısıyla üstün hareket kabiliyeti sunar
  • Yumuşak iç katman ısıyı hapsederek sıcak tutar ve rahatlık sağlar
  • Önde kanguru cebi bulunur
  • Biye ve kapüşon astarı canlı renklere sahiptir
  • Kollar ve kapüşon baskılıdır
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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Çok begendik

Oglum için aldım , çok rahat , desenleri çok güzel. Üzerinden çıkarmak istemiyor. Bu nedenle diger bir rengini daha aldım. Normal fiyatı çok yüksek , indirimli fiyat bence olması gereken değeri.

My 10 year old loves it

Got a medium for my 10 year old. Fits great. He loves it and wants to wear it everyday.


I bought this for my 10 yr old son in the medium in the red. He loves it! We are going to Florida soon and he told me that he will wear it the whole time in Florida. Great hoodie but runs a teeny bit small.

What happened to UA sizing??

I bought this for my 12 year old son in an XL. I have purchased several of this style over the years and never had a problem with sizing. I recently bought XL as he's wearing a large right now .The XL is SO small, he cant even get it on, its more like the UA medium used to be. So disappointed. I had to return a hoodie at Christmas as well due to small sizing but thought Id give it another try. Still a no-go! I guess its on to another brand for hoodies which is too bad because my son loves UA.

size up

I bought this in a L for my son who wears a 12/14 and had to send it back. It runs small, you will definitely want to size up a size or even 2.

The new sizing is awful.

The new sizes for the hoodies for kids are way smaller than they used to be. my 12 year old who used to be wearing a Large now can barely even fit into the Extra Large. I am going to return because he will outgrow the hoodie too fast. I agree with what other people were saying, the Adult hoodies don't have as good of a colour and pattern selection as the kids do, so my son isn't interested in the Adult ones. I wish they didn't change the sizing. I now have to return the 2 hoodies that i just purchased and my son was very excited about.

Too small!!

My 12 year old (who is small for his age) has 3 UA youth large hoodies from last year that he wears everyday. So I bought him 2 of these new ones in a YXL. The new ones are similar in size to a YM. They were even too small for my 10 year old who is also small for his age. And they are also super thin. Guess it’s time to find a new brand!

Sizing is bad

I had to return this hoodie as the sizing was too small. My son normally wears a large in under armor but this large was too small need to order a size up with new sizing. Very disappointed!

Extremely ridiculous sizing

Our 11 year old son loves everything UA brand. Last year I purchased size large in hoodies for him for Christmas and they still fit him decent, but starting to find they were getting a bit smaller on him. This year I decided to order two hoodies in size XL because they should have fit him well, they should have been bigger than the L from last year. Unfortunately this is not the case with these hoodies. BOTH hoodies are smaller make than the size L from last year. Very disappointed with the sizing. As an 11 year old child I should not have to go up into MENS sizes to get him a hoodie. These XL are suppose to find around a US size 16, unfortunately they fit more like a Medium or perhaps a Smaller make large in boys. I did take pictures to submit but unfortunately it says the sizing of my photos is wrong.

Was this made for Munchkin Land?

What's going on, Under Armour? This size change is DRASTIC and what used to be too big on my 10 year old son is way too small. Bought a size YXL and it almost fits my FOUR YEAR OLD. I'm very disappointed and will be sending this along with other items back as they are all too small. Pretty bummed out because we are all huge UA wearers and my 10 year old isn't able to fit into anything anymore and he's not larger than average.