Erkek Çocuk SC30 Şort

Ürün Kodu # 1317973
139,90 TL 239,90 TL
Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Beden Rehberi
Sınırlı stok nedeniyle, her müşteri sadece 20 adet alabilir.
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek Çocuk SC30 Şort

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Ürün DNA’sı

  • Loose: Tam anlamıyla konfor için daha bol bir kesim
  • Maçın savunulması en zor oyuncusu Stephen Curry için tasarlandı
  • Dayanıklı örgü kumaş sağlam olmasına rağmen nefes alabilir
  • Malzeme ter tutmaz ve çok hızlı kurur
  • Gizli elastik bel bandı iç kordonludur
  • Süblime SC30 baskısı bulunur
  • Cepler filedir
  • İç dikiş: YMD 20 cm (bedene göre +/- 2,5 cm)
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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3 Yorum

Not as pictured

Back of shorts are not at all as pictured. It's just a solid Navy blue which is not what I thought I was getting. Purchased 2 pairs for my boys and when the shorts got here they were super disappointed. * I included pic of front/back in review.

Huge difference in sizing and not what is shown in picture

Disappointed with these. Ordered a pair in YL for my son, who is 4’10” and they fell about an inch to inch and a half above his knees. Reordered YXL and it looks like he is wearing a skirt. He has to roll the waist band down to make them fit better. Also, the picture is deceiving. Both pairs I ordered do not have the writing on the back of the shorts like what is shown in the picture, which is the main reason my son asked for these. Both have been a solid navy color on the back side.

Not true to size

Bought these short for my 9 year old son, he’s tall for his age, these shorts were much shorter in length & smaller in the waist than other shorts I’ve ordered online, was very disappointed , the quality was good, I ordered an extra large, looks like a small, it was going to be his outfit for 1st day of school along with the SC 30 shirt , had to buy another pair at department store