Erkek Çocuk UA X Level MainShock Alternative Lace

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Erkek Çocuk UA X Level MainShock Alternative Lace
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Shoes built to be tough so you can go all out, whatever you're doing. Bungee laces make for super-easy on/off. Increased traction coverage amps up the grip and durability, while lightweight materials keep your feet fresh.
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My son's favorite (and only) shoes!

My son is 5 1/2 years old and has been wearing these sneakers for nearly 2 years now (he's on his 3rd pair because of growth). They are the only shoes he will let me buy him as they are comfortable, make him "super fast", and are very easy for him to put on and take off. My only complaint is that they are not super easy to find in the 1/2 sizes... and wish they were more readily available.

Great shoes for school

I was a little wary buying these shoes because of the reviews. But they looked so cool I bought them anyway. Shoes are a beast. There’s no tying necessary so they can slip on easy for your little guy. I never had any issues with my shoes, I washed them a few times and they looked new each time. My son wore them daily through gym and recess. Yes they get worn like all shoes do over time, but for the usage and price you can’t beat it. He’s worn them for months. I wish the black and white pair had his size because I would definitely buy them again! Long story short, awesome pair of shoes that are comfy and cool!

Poor quality shoe. Destroyed in less than 2 months.

My 8 year old son got these right before Christmas. Within 2 months, they had holes on each side of the toes and laces area with occasional use. So disappointed.

Dont waste your money!

I was so excited when my special needs son who HATES all shoes, put these on without one complaint! But a few weeks later I noticed the mesh was thinning and I could see his socks through it. It was only a few days later and there were holes on both shoes on the inside and outside. Finding shoes for him is impossible so I was ready and willing to purchase as many sizes as I could so he could continue to wear these for a very long time since he likes them so much! But I cant afford to replace them every 2 months! I'm not excited about having to try to find another pair for him.

Poor quality fabric

Less than 2 month wear, two big holes on the top, very poor fabric quality. very disappointed. Don't buy this pair!

Holes after not much use.

I purchased these shoes for my son and expected that they would hold up, especially with the Under Armour brand. Within a couple weeks the fabric started to fray around the ankle. About 6 weeks after they were purchased my son came home from school with holes in both shoes. Please see picture for reference. At this point they aren't even wearable anymore. I was very disappointed that they wore out so quickly and I already have to purchase him another pair of shoes.

elastic laces broke

Bought these for my 6 year old son. After 3 weeks of wearing them, the elastic laces have broken.

Very cute but narrow

These shoes are super cute but they are quite narrow. It wouldn’t be great for wider feet. My son also strugggles to get them on. He usually needs a little assistance