Erkek ColdGear® Base 3.0 Crew

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549,90 TL
Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
Erkek ColdGear® Base 3.0 Crew

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Ürün DNA’sı

Under Armour Base, soğuk havadan dondurucu soğuklara uzanan koşullar için 2.0'dan 4.0'a kadar numaralandırılmış bir içlik sistemidir. Potluk yapmadan ısıyı hapsetmek için özel bir negatif ızgara yapısı kullanır. Uzun iç çamaşırlarının, maksimum performans sergileyen sporcular için özel olarak yeniden geliştirildiğini düşünün. Under Armour Base 3.0, çok soğuk havalar ve orta aktivite düzeyleri için geliştirilmiştir.
  • Fitted: Vücudu sıkmadan dar olabilen kesim
  • Son derece çok yönlü ve normal ağırlıkta olan Under Armour Base™ 3.0 All Season İçlik, çeşitli aktivite seviyeleri ve soğuk havalar için sıcaklık ve hareket kabiliyeti sağlar
  • Under Armour Koku Kontrolü Teknolojisi kokuyu önler
  • Yumuşak, fırçalanmış ızgara iç kısım havayı hapsedip vücut mikro iklimini yakından kontrol ederek sıcak ve rahat tutar
  • Malzeme ter tutmaz ve çok hızlı kurur
  • 4 yöne esneyen yapı her açıdan mükemmel hareket kabiliyeti sunar
  • %78 Polyester/%22 Elasterel
  • İthal edilmiştir

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7 Yorum

Warm, Fits Snug, and Long

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love this top. It’s warm enough to wear on its own in 35 degree weather. It’s also a perfect length and fits perfectly.


It honestly is a pretty good product I use this one when I'm ice skating and it feels very warm maybe even hot at times, my only complaint would be that it's very over priced but it's still very good, a strong warm fabric

Old model is far better

I have the under armour base 2.0 and it is warmer than the new style 3.0. At the price I paid, I'm pretty disappointed with the product. Most of my hunting gear is under armour but lately they have been letting me down. Definitely looking to other brands for better products.

Best there is!

Since my passion always takes me outdoors, winter time is my favorite time of the year. The cold gear base layer has never disappointed me. It is fantastic in the cold weather whether I'm skiing, snowshoeing or even snowmobiling. If your looking for a base layer that works and keeps you warm, this one is for you.

cheaper than the old version

This new version of the base layer 3.0 is a complete downgrade from the previous versions. this new version is not as warm nor does it use the same type of fleece style grid that the old one used which prevents it from being as warm. It also doesn't fit like a compression shirt like the older version this fits more like thick t shirt.I honestly have no idea what the design team was thinking when they made this. I will be returning for sure.

3.0 base layer top

I’m not sure yet how this top is going to work. It is 3 degrees F this morning so will have to wait the day out to see how it goes. What does trouble me is the sizing. I bought all my UA cold gear to clothing size. The only thing that fits like it should is the tight 2.0 cold gear bottoms. The fitted 1.0 tops and bottoms and the 2.0, and 3.0 tops are too big and because of that, they are not as comfortable as they could be. Try them on before you remove the tags. I like the close fit. I will have to get a smaller size when these need replaced.

Not the old 3.0

This is a completely different version of the old 3.0 and much lower quality. Glad I got it on sale...barely worth the price on sale. Dissapointed...wont be buying UA again.