Erkek ColdGear® Swacket

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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek ColdGear® Swacket

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Ürün DNA’sı

Henüz UA Swacket edinmediyseniz şimdi tam zamanı. Yanınızdan hiç ayırmadığınız en rahat sweatshirt'ünüz gibi fakat aynı zamanda tıpkı bir ceket gibi rüzgardan ve yağmurdan kusursuz koruma sağlıyor. Bu ürünü üzerinize giydiğiniz anda bir daha ondan vazgeçemeyeceksiniz.
  • Loose: Tam anlamıyla konfor için daha bol bir kesim
  • Under Armour Storm teknolojisi, nefes alabilirlikten ödün vermeksizin su geçirmez
  • Rüzgara dayanıklı kaplama yapı koruma sağlar ve hafiftir
  • Swacket kumaş, svetşört hissi verecek kadar çok yumuşaktır fakat soğuğa karşı daha fazla koruma sağlar
  • Dokuma yüzeyler ısıyı hapseder ve koruma sağlar
  • 3 panelli kapüşon, hiçbir rahatsızlık vermeyen, içten geçme kordonuyla ayarlanabilir
  • Manşetler ve bel kısmında likra biye bulunur
  • Yarı elastik manşetler düz uzanır ancak ihtiyaç duyulan esnekliği de sağlar
  • Düşük, şekillendirilmiş bel kısmı daha fazla koruma sağlar
  • Ön fermuar çift yönlüdür
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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Feels and fits terrific

Fit and feels great. Don’t know about performance as it’s not cold yet! Feels like it should be pretty warm though. Glad I got it. Looks going too!

Excellent product except for dodgy zippers

Excellent jacket that you will reach for most of the time when stepping out for a walk or a jog.. Been using it for 6 months from fall thru' spring.. Performs as advertised. The zippers are 2-way which helps. However it gets stuck often and i have had to take them off like a T'shirt which is very frustrating. For a nice product like this, it is getting undone by zippers which appear to be cheap. Hopefully UA can fix it and not mess with this product as they appear to have a winner... Not giving 5 stars due to the zipper.

Great feel and fit however...

Quality and fit of this swacket is perfect but the zipper is terrible. The zipper will be hard to start, come apart at the bottom of get caught in fabric around mid centre. Disappointing for this price point.

Outstanding Upgrades

I have one of the first Swackets that UA released. I figured it was time for a new Swackets, and before I began to look, I knew I wanted a light colored one - either white or gray. Perfect timing, this one was in the Outlet, and I made the purchase. What an upgrage; the part around the waste allows for movement compared to the first one, which was constrictive. I like the sleeves, especially around the wrist, another huge improvement. All in all, the version of the Swacket is outstanding. If you can find in the outlet, do not delay, make the purchase.

Problems Need Fixing

As my first swacket, I wanted to like it but the shortfalls prevent me from doing so. The sleeves do run a bit short; the size I got is slightly large on me, but the sleeves were fine, which could be the opposite case for most people. This is the biggest problem with this jacket. I'm also not a fan of the design of the sleeves, hood, and shoulders having the same material since it limits movement when stretching or moving around too much. You can feel the strain of the material on your shoulder blades at times. On the plus side it is warm and can withstand the rain without soaking in, I just wish the issues didn't interfere so much.

Wasn’t impressed

I wanted to like this jacket as much as the older style swacket. I found three issues with the newer version. First, like other reviewers have mentioned the sleeves run small. Secondly the material that is on the hood, shoulders and sleeves has no stretch to it. If you move your arms at all this causes the sleeves to ride up. Lastly, while not a big issue, it may be for some. I purchased the white and the color isn’t bright white like it’s represented in the photo.


The white color looks ore grey than white. Comfortable but disappointed with the color.

Awesome Jacket

I love how comfortable this jacket is; upon the first day of owning it I took out in mid 40's with pouring rain (going from tent to tent at a craft show and long walk to the car). I simply had a long sleeve compression shirt (heatgear) underneath and stayed warm and dry all day in the rain. The rain just runs off and doesn't retain any moisture. My complaint is that the sleeve length seems a little short. Size XL. However I have some long arms. I would recommend the next size up if you are looking for something more loose fitting or if you had a bulkier shirt underneath. This has replaced all my hoodies and now my go to jacket.

Perfect for in between weather

I bought this for my brother as a gift. It’s great! I have a swacket as well, and have purchased one previously for my boyfriend, too. We love ours, so I thought my brother would enjoy one too. I picked the ColdGear one since winter is fast approaching. It’s pretty true to size, and the sleeves are a little longer so it keeps the heat in and my hands warm! Love the mix of fabrics in it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Swacket upgrade

It's August, so I can't test it really. However, it feels very comfortable, like it will be at least as warm as the last coldgear swacket. The only thing is, its sizing has been updated. So if you want the room of the last one, the one with the reflectors on the forearms, go one size up. Its not really tight, i can still fit a thermal and another shirt, it just has more of a fit to it. Either way, I think this Swacket looks and feels great, and I can't wait to try it out once the temperature drops. If it is as warm or warmer than the last one, then this swacket is a win.