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Project Rock antrenman ekipmanları, sınırlarınızı zorlamanız için üretildi. Bu koleksiyondaki tüm ürünler, antrenman ustası Dwayne Johnson tarafından şahsen onaylandı.
  • Rock ayrıntılı sabit sentetik deri bant zarif görünür
  • Charged Cushioning® orta taban, darbeleri emerek tepkisel hıza dönüştürür ve rahatlık sunar
  • Michelin® Wild Gripper dış taban bileşiği, kullandığı benzersiz tutuş tırtıklarıyla rakipsiz kavrayış ve tutuş sağlar
  • Stil No: 3023762
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Not good

I bought me and my girl the project rock shoes not bad but took getting used to. These I cannot get used to and are by far the most expensive slides I've bought. My feet hurt after 20 minutes. Unwearable for me and want to return them..

Great Comfy, Bulky, Nice Looking slides

My shoe size is 14, but for slides I can go 14 or 13. Decided to pick these up in a size 14, since the strap is not adjustable. They're definitely comfortable and bouncy as others have said. As soon as I put them on I could tell. Unlike others though, the strap actually feels a bit loose to me WITH socks on. Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep the 14's and not exchange for a 13 as others have said their straps are snug. Happy with this purchase!

Not for the wide feet

Im 5'11, 250 lbs, im at shoe size 14 and its quite difficult to put my wide feet in these, due to the strap not beign able to extend the strap, they are super comfortable but having a hard time putting all my toes to come out the other side of the strap.

The Rock Slides.... well they "Rock"

i have 3 pairs of the Fat Tires. these by far are the most comfortable

Project rock slides

The are nice, nice materials the only issue I have is the strap on the slide is very tight... barely can squeeze my foot in with a sock.. to the genius that made these what were you thinking? Leather strap isn't going to stretch that much but im guessing these will be comfortable in about 6 months after being worn in...

Runs small and feels a bit awkward on foot

Got in a size 12 and had to exchange for a 13 and still a bit tight around the strap. I’m usually a 12. The sole is very comfortable but the fit just feels awkward to me. If you have big feet just size up.

Super comfy!

Just got these yesterday and they are the most comfortable slides I've worn. I thought my Jordan slides were comfy/bouncy but these are way better. I usually wear a 9.5 for my shoes because I have wide feet and I got these in 9s - length is perfect but the leather strap is a little snug. It is not adjustable either (unlike the Jordan slides) and so I can't wear socks with these slides or else it's too tight. So if you have wide feet, I'd go a size up. Definitely worth the money for the comfort and quality.