Erkek UA Ansa Fixed Terlik

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Every athlete needs some slides for the locker room—so we made the best. Comfortable and long-lasting.
  • Sabit bant ve alt kısma eklenen köpük, ekstra rahatlık sunar
  • Alçak EVA taban, ayağın altını yastıklar
  • EVA dış taban üst düzey dayanıklılık ve tutuş sağlar
  • Stil No: 3023761
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it fits

it fits really well. is super durable. I would prefer to anyone.


These are very comfortable and fit great! Slip on and off with ease.

Such a disappointment!!!

For anyone who was hoping this was the replacement for their old left chest lockup t-shirt, think again! Material is so thin as to be see-through in the lighter colors. The fit is much tighter also. We ordered two different sizes for my husband to try on and returned both of them. This shirt is a waste of money! You can go shirtless and it would have the same effect.


I highly recommend these Slides to family and friends. Thanks

Great sandals for ladies with wide feet!

I wear a ladies, size 9.5. My sandals were always too tight. I purchased these men's sandals, size 8, and they are perfect! I use the for house slippers during the winter, they are just perfect when getting right out of the shower too!


Super comfortable, great for the beach or walking around the house. Great fit.