Erkek UA CoolSwitch Flux Antrenman Eldiveni

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Erkek UA CoolSwitch Flux Antrenman Eldiveni
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Erkek UA CoolSwitch Flux Antrenman Eldiveni

Ürün DNA’sı

  • İç kısmındaki özel kaplamasıyla ısıyı teninizden uzaklaştıran Under Armour CoolSwitch, serin kalmanızı ve daha uzun süre performans sergilemenizi sağlar
  • Ayarlanabilir bilek kayışı tam oturur ve rahattır
  • Avuç kısmına stratejik olarak yerleştirilen silikon, ekstra kavrayış ve dayanıklılık sunar
  • Avuçlardaki delikler nefes alabilirliği artırır
  • Havlu kumaş baş parmak paneli teri uzaklaştırır
  • 80% Polyester/10% Cotton/10% Silicone
  • Imported

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Bir eldivenden daha fazlası..

İnce ve eli saran bir yapıya sahip. Barı kavrama açısından güzel bir deneyim sunuyor.Ağır antrenmanlara dayanıklı yapıya sahip.


These gloves are awesome. They are comfortable and work as they should

CoolSwitch Flux Training Gloves are the best I've found.

The Cool Switch Flux gloves are outstanding. The material lining the grip area is not "sticky" to the touch but is sticky in the sense that it does not easily slip and the rest of the glove material is light and breathable. I liked the first pair so much, I now have 4 pairs that I alternate. Great job, UA! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Fabric is very comfortable

The sizes are just right. The product fabric is very comfortable. Easy to put on. The product matched my needs. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]



Extremely durable

Excellent durability with great material workmanship


I had this gloves then a month and they are already falling apart from the stitching. They started ripping in the first week. I wish they would last longer

Works in ways it was not intended.

I'm 64 years old and have arthritis in both hands. These gloves are great for revealing the pain in my hands, they work much better than the regular arthritis gloves. I wear them all day long and they get me through my day without drugs.

Poor Quality

After 4 workouts, the seam in my left hand glove ripped open. Very poor quality.

One step forward, two steps back

I'm an everyday crossfitter and I typically wear the UA Flux gloves when I work out, I literally have had almost 10 pairs of these gloves because I love them so much. The new Coolswitch Flux glove is superior in certain ways to the original Flux design, but it's inferior in so many more that count. Maybe my review will help things a bit? In terms of overall comfort, the sizes run about the same as the previous Flux gloves. In terms of improvement, the overall material of the glove is much more thin, lightweight and comfortable in the newer Coolswitch version. The material on the palms and inside of the finger is much more sturdy as well, and provides a much better grip in certain situations The cons are the overall construction of the glove, I own two pair currently, and both of them deteriorated after less than 5 uses. Holes ripped in the stitching early, so there needs to be a much better job done on the stitching aspect of the new gloves. I also feel like the velcro strap is a downgrade as compared to the elastic wrist grip on the previous Flux, as the velcro tends to wear pretty fast, much faster than the elastic Decent glove that can be made just as good or better as its predecessor with a little work, so lets hope UA listens to the review of a guy who has literally spent thousands of dollars on UA products over the course of the last 8 years