Erkek UA Culver Mid WP Doğa Yürüyüşü Botu

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This is perfect I love it comfortable, keeps you worm. I was really satisfied in buying this one really recommend.

Not even close to being waterproof

Perhaps the sweatshop in the far east forgot the waterproof bootie when building these boots but I've had running shoes that weren't waterproof do a better job. Seriously, just walking in wet grass and you get soaked. I bought these to use when doing K9 training and the first one I got to use these boots was during a rainy day. Feet were soaked the first minute of walking a track. Made for a long and miserable day. Comfort was what I expected, great, except for the false label of being waterproof. I've had a lot of shoes from UA but these are my last.

Culver Mid WP

I thought these boots had a great look and good comfort level reviews so I purchased them. I got a 1/2 size larger to be safe and they fit perfectly. Very comfortable and the soles work well on loose rock. I’ve had many boots in my life and these rank right up there. I can wear them all day no problem.

UA culver mid

I usually don’t write reviews but this one had to be reviewed. One of the most comfortable hiking shoes. A must buy

Comfort fitting

Easy to lace comfort above expectations. I would buy them again.

Comfortable, stylish and practical

Purchased these shoes online and they fit well. Tested them out with short walks before heading to Ireland where they served as an all purpose travel light pair of shoes. Wore them every day for 2 weeks while touring Ireland and remained comfy on walks, resting and look good too. Perfect for my needs on this trip. I've worn out several pairs of UA Bozeman un insulated hunting boots and really liked the fit and light weight. They worked out perfectly for many a long bird hunts across the US. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


These boots have so far exceeded my expectations. The are very comfortable and will keep your feet warm and dry out in the cold. They don't have that clunky feeling like some hiking boots.