Erkek UA Curry 4 Basketbol Ayakkabısı

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Daha fazla hakimiyet, konfor ve kontrol. Oyunun seyrini değiştiren Stephen Curry için tasarlandı.
  • Örgü iç kısım, daha güçlü performans hissi için ön ayak ve bilek çevresinde yapısal uyum sağlar
  • Örgü materyale birleştirilen mikrofiber sentetik çeyrek panel en uygun desteği sağlar
  • Örgü kısım ve sentetik çeyrek paneli birleştiren dikiş bandı
  • Tepkilere karşılık veren özel köpük bileşimi
  • En uygun ön ayak-topuk çekişi ve her türlü sahada zemin kavrama gücü için tasarlanan çapraz merkezli çekiş deseni
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Bilek kısmı çorap diye tabir edilen şekilde yani benim gibi ayaklarınız 47 numara ise giyerken işkence oluyor. O kısmı dilli yapsalarmış her yönüyle kusursuz bir ayakkabı olurmuş. Tabi o zaman Curry 5'e bir şey kalmazdı :)

I love this shoe.

I play basketball and I am pretty active. I don't wear these shoes on a day to day basis. I just wear them for basketball. These shoes give great comfort and don't run too big in size. I especially love the white and blue/ purple metallic color. It is my personal favorite.

Great support

As someone with flat feet its hard to find a confy suport shoe i have tryed other brand but when i bought my curry 4s it changed evrything i can run and not sprain my ankle. this shoe is perfect it has a great look and agreat feel to it. so glad i bought these.

Just wow

So I just got myself a pair of More Dimes and they are amazing. They are the lightest shoes I've ever owned, and the traction is terrific! I wore them for about 3 hours before taking them to the court and I had no blisters or anything some were complaining about. Only a 4/5 star because I am concerned for the longevity of these. The flyknit material is nice for the weight, but may not last especially since the shoe fits very snug. The ankle support is comfortably tight, so I think overtime it may rip trying to get your foot in. Other than that they are super comfy and great performance.

Great Shoe

The curry 4 has a great style and comfort. I loved the ankle support while it also preforms well. I would really recommend this shoe. It took me one practice to break them in.

Great shoe, but lighter usually means more wear and tear

These are my son's current hoops shoe. He says best Curry's yet. Comfort and performance are great. Only downside is that he only wears them to play indoors, no outside use, and they are starting to look pretty worn. I think the lighter the shoe the harder it is to make them durable. Would buy them again but life expectancy of this shoe seems to be only 3-4 months before noticeable wear and tear. That being said have had better experience with UA shoes durability than some other brands.


This shoe is the worst shoe I’ve ever gotten from UA and I am extremely disappointed. This shoe took me over 20 minutes to put on. It is extremely uncomfortable especially in the ankle area. After putting on this shoe quickly after I got blisters and rashes on my foot as a result of this sneaker. I even got 1 full size bigger then the size I am in other sneakers! This sneaker has horrible quality and I am extremely disappointed in Under Armour and in the Stephen Curry Brand. DO NOT BUY- BUYING IS THE WORST CHOICE I EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Çok rahat bir ayakkabı ve çok dikkat çekiyor.

Çok Harika bir ayakkabı kesinlikle parası olan alabilir ayrıca çok dikkat çeken bir ayakkabı fiyata göre bi zahmet mükemmel olsun :)


The curry 4 surpasses the black ice bloodline ,torch and the previous curry. Traction: I haven't had bad traction in any UA bball shoe but for cuts and stop 4 gave me everything after the initial rubber peeled it was trouble trouble defensive slides, cuts , coming off screens I was cover. Traction pattern works with the foot. The pivot point on the bottom is a nice touch to a well sculptured traction pattern.A++++ CUSHION: nothing major once no charge or micro g.. Don't get me wrong its adequate enough but not springy. Materials: are nice and flexible Lockdown: the entire shoe locks you in. Once molded to your foot the shoe wraps the foot perfectly.. Overall: i was very impress the 3 was ok but the 4 is a monster. The shoes is not restrictive but still supports. Sitting on the heaven of traction pattern the 4 is by far the best Curry. Improvements: for the price I think some type of cushion should be in the shoe whether it be Hovr or charge.I understand curry isn't a high flyer but the 3,4, and 5 have lacked in the cushion area. More colorway that related the general public.. No I'm not contradicting myself the shoe is A1 just unit picking

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