Erkek UA Curry 5 Basketbol Ayakkabısı

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Stephen Curry ayakkabı serisinin en yeni güncellemesi tamamlandı. Sahada rakiplerini şaşırtmak için tasarlanan, hafif ve hassas uyum sağlayan Curry 5, Stephen'ın sahadaki performansını optimize etmek için geliştirildi.
  • Optimum hız ve çeviklik sunan hafif yapı
  • Tümüyle örgü yapı ve ayağı sabitleyen bağcık sistemi sayesinde hassas, 360° uyum ve yapı sunar
  • Ayak tarağı yan duvarında ve topuk çevresinde bulunan Anafoam™ koruma alanları ayağı sabitler
  • EVA yastıklamalı orta taban, ayak tabanına tepki kabiliyeti kazandırır
  • Her zeminde aniden durmanıza ve hızlı dönüşler yapmanıza olanak tanıyan tam-saha kavrayış sistemine sahiptir
  • Ağırlık: 334,5 g







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Curry Black Taxi Colorways

Please release Curry shoes 4 and 5 Black Taxi colorways. I'm collecting all Black Taxi colorways since Curry 1. Hope you'll release on the 4 and 5. Thanks

Kaan Külah

Ayakkıbının midsole u (orta tabanı )curry 4 le aynı ,curry 4 le aynı rahatlıkta,kötü yanı ayakkabı ayaktan çıkabiliyor bu fiyatlı bi ayakkabıda olmaması gereken bi durum ama ayakkabının tabanı zemini çok iyi tutuyo

Probably one of the greatest shoes i’ve bought.

The sc5 has been amazing for me. Very comfortable and is really fit. A very good shoe after breaking in.

Solid Shoe After Breaking In

This is the first basketball shoe I've worn that is a low top and it did exceed my expectations. After the first game, I was feeling that this might have to be switched out, but I am glad I stuck with them. They broke in great and I am happy with the purchase. As a preface to this review, I do wear ankle braces when I play, so I have had no issues with rubbing or cuts on my ankles and heels. Weight: Very light, feels like you are wearing almost nothing. But that can be a good thing. Definitely takes some getting used to if you are used to wearing high tops. 5/5 Fit: I am a huge fan of the bootie/sock construction for the upper and the way your heel locks in. The lacing system I think could have been shifted slightly, the eyelits that meet just above the change in material causes some change in fit between the toes and the top of your foot. I can get these over my bulky ankle braces with some very slight tweaking (and with these being lows easier than the Curry 4). 4/5 Material: The lower part of the upper is quite a difference from the sock feeling of the top part of the upper, so it might take some getting used to. The solid bottom does do a good job of keeping your heel and foot in place though, so you do feel more support than a lot of the shoes on the market today. The sole almost immediately crinkles and creases, which doesn't bother me since I am using these for sport, but casual wearers might be alarmed. 4/5 Traction: Solid. I play indoors and can stop on a dime and cut well, even when the floor hasn't been swept. 5/5 Cushion: The slightest of drops from the Curry 4, but still enough for me. Good on jump stops and other pounding movements. 4.5 Support: Slight drop from the Curry 4, but I am pleased that it has a lot more support than I was anticipating. Would attribute this to the materials of the upper and the heel support. 4/5 Overall, this isn't my favorite basketball shoe of all time, but it is much better than anticipated coming from always playing with a higher top shoe. Give them some time to break in and you will be golden. Bombs away.

Had to return my SC5.0 :-(

I was initially excited about the new SC 5.0 and was more excited that they had White/White my size 9. Got them pretty quick. Fitted my left foot perfectly but didn't fit my right foot. Was cutting in my right big toe. Thought I could wear it a few days and break it in. Nope... That didn't work. Had to return it. And to top it off, they were out of stock on the SC 5.0 White in size 9. Very Sad FYI. I usually wear Under Amour shoes size 9, including my SC 3.0 high top.

Great Update!

Much easier to get into than the Curry 4. Requires a bit of a break in period, but I wore them 12 hours straight on day 1 and my feet felt great.

Sweet Shoe

Curry 5 looks awesome. Nice snug fit, can be worn on the street and on the court.

Love them

Very comfortable and supportive. Look great on your feet.

Worst fit ever??

Well I bought these shoes couple days ago and noticed I'm getting blisters on the arch of my feet. I was very disappointed about this because it looks very great and has decent traction. I hope UA would fix this fit problem and release a new Curry 5 or make another Curry shoe that has better fit.

Awesome Basketball shoe!!!

In my opinion this is one of the best looking basketball shoes out. They feel great on the court and look good for casual wear.