Erkek UA Curry 5 Basketbol Ayakkabısı

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Erkek UA Curry 5 Basketbol Ayakkabısı

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Stephen Curry ayakkabı serisinin en yeni güncellemesi tamamlandı. Sahada rakiplerini şaşırtmak için tasarlanan, hafif ve hassas uyum sağlayan Curry 5, Stephen'ın sahadaki performansını optimize etmek için geliştirildi.
  • Optimum hız ve çeviklik sunan hafif yapı
  • Tümüyle örgü yapı ve ayağı sabitleyen bağcık sistemi sayesinde hassas, 360° uyum ve yapı sunar
  • Ayak tarağı yan duvarında ve topuk çevresinde bulunan Anafoam™ koruma alanları ayağı sabitler
  • EVA yastıklamalı orta taban, ayak tabanına tepki kabiliyeti kazandırır
  • Her zeminde aniden durmanıza ve hızlı dönüşler yapmanıza olanak tanıyan tam-saha kavrayış sistemine sahiptir
  • Ağırlık: 334,5 g







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Kötü Mükemmel

Awesome performance basketball shoes

Fit and comfort is just right. I’m over 40 and play primarily a guard position. These shoes are excellent on traction, they’re lightweight, and provide freedom of movement on the ankles. I’ve sprained my ankles 25+ times over my life and have done better staying away from high top basketball shoes. I use mainly mid or quarter tops now. I’m also an avid Jordan shoes fan and have rarely found any newer model shoes that can match its performance and/or looks. I’m a big fan of the SC 5, and now own 2 pairs.


-Kısa bilek olması kötü gözükür diyorlar ama bu ayakkabıya tamamen uyuyor -Outsole (Dış taban) deseni süper parkeyi süper tutuyor. -Ortadaki tongue (Dil) ayakkabıyı kolay giyip çıkarabiliyorsunuz. -Ortadaki desen ayakkabıyı daha rahat yapabiliyor. -Midsole (Orta taban) süper gözüküyor ve çok rahat hareket edebilirsiniz. -Her yer çok uyumlu gözüküyor ve çok rahat. UA Curry 5 süper bir ayakkabı kısaca. (39 numara aldım.)

Great shoes for a point guard or shooting guard

The curry 5s are a solid all around shoes. The 1 to 1 fit of the threadborn inner bootie is great, and the support of the anafoam is great and durable but still lightweight and minimal. These shoes are perfect for me and great for shifty guards.

Great shoe.

Runs a little long, but barely (went true to size) not so much comfort but its a light shoe for quickness/guards. I came from the harden vol 2 with crazy comfort, and im a teen thats always in the gym playing basketball and curry 5 cushion doing the job. I have the curry 4 low and curry 1 low and i like the 5's the most.

Best Basketball Shoes Ever!

I'm not basketball player but I know when I have found a quality pair of shoes. It took a few days to break in but after that it's one of my most favorite athletic shoe. I like them more than the running shoes that I have that's also U/A. They run a little on the small size so you should order a 1/2 size up. I normally wear a size 10 shoe but when it came to these shoes, I automatically went 1/2 up bc the I also have the Curry 4's which hurt my feet bc they were too tight. These fit perfectly and my wife and I got the same pair and we both love them. They have a lot of padding in the heel as well as the balls of your feet. I would recommend this to friends and family and as you can see they're almost all sold out.

Best UA Curry yet, still room for improvement...

There are a number of things I like about the Curry 5 as compared to the 4, one being the low top nature of the shoe, rather than releasing a low version down the road. I like the toe area being covered with a stiffer stronger material, my foot really doesn’t feel like it’s going to slide off the sole like it did at times in the 4. The traction is interesting - sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not. I think it just depends on the floor. The break-in period for me was minimal. They felt great the moment I stepped on the court with them. I would like a little more cushioning and maybe for them to be a little lighter, but beyond those factors, I’m very happy with them, and have already purchased a second and third pair to keep in my reserve. UA, keep moving in the right direction with these! You have won me over from your competitors!

Really disappointed, very bad quality, shoes broke in 5 days wearing.

My friend got these Curry 5 RED, for me at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia back in June, and brought back to Vietnam for me. I started wearing them in July 10th for the first time, and has only been wearing them for 5 times now (practices + games). And I wore them to play on a very soft indoor court like in these pictures. I had doubts seeing a lot of negative reviews for the shoes but still cannot believe the quality is this bad. How could any pair of shoes break in 5 times wearing INDOOR? Please take another look at Curry’s 5 and fix it asap, there has been too many problems with the shoes already. And it is a waste of such a beautiful design. Disappointed .

Great Looking but not great for my feet

I love the look of the Curry5's, Unfortunately, it gave me a foot ache by just walking on them. I actually tried to stretch it to see if the arch is the reason but after a few times wearing them I had to actually remove them and switch to my UA HOVR (which by the way is the best UA Shoes ever) I am so disappointed that I ended up returning them. It could just be me? Can you have Steph Curry check your HOVR and then put his name on them. I believe it will be a bigger seller that his Curry line.

Curry Black Taxi Colorways

Please release Curry shoes 4 and 5 Black Taxi colorways. I'm collecting all Black Taxi colorways since Curry 1. Hope you'll release on the 4 and 5. Thanks

Kaan Külah

Ayakkıbının midsole u (orta tabanı )curry 4 le aynı ,curry 4 le aynı rahatlıkta,kötü yanı ayakkabı ayaktan çıkabiliyor bu fiyatlı bi ayakkabıda olmaması gereken bi durum ama ayakkabının tabanı zemini çok iyi tutuyo