Erkek UA Fat Tire GORE-TEX® Yürüyüş Botu

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Ürün DNA’sı

  • 2015 "Outside Gear Of The Show" Birincisi
  • Kompozit kumaş ve köpük yapı, ayağı sararak destek ve rahatlık sunar
  • GORE-TEX® yapı %100 su geçirmez olmasına rağmen olağanüstü nefes alabilirlik sunar
  • Rüzgar geçirmez malzemeler ve yapı, hava şartlarına karşı koruma sağlar
  • Boa® Kapatma Sistemi, geleneksel bağcıklardan daha hızlı ve kolay bağlanır
  • Kaynaklı sentetik yüzeyler aşınmaya dayanıklıdır
  • Cupron® Mantar Önleyici Pro Fiberler, kokuyu önler ve sporcuların ayak mantarlarının %99'unu tabanlıkla temas ettikten 12 saat sonra yok eder
  • Charged Cushioning® orta taban darbe etkilerini emer ve bu etkileri harekete tepki veren çabukluğa dönüştürür
  • Michelin® Oc dış taban bileşiği açık havada mükemmel tutuş sunar
  • Mükemmel kavrayış sağlayan Michelin® Wild Gripper dış taban çıkıntı deseni, çamur ve kir tutmaz
  • Yükseklik: 17,5 cm
  • Ağırlık: 510 g
  • İthal edilmiştir


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Güneş tepenizde parlarken, sıradan kumaşlar hızla ısınarak daha çok terlemenize, daha çabuk yorulmanıza ve dikkatinizi kaybetmenize neden olur.


Enerjinin kullanımındaki bu son gelişme, ayak vuruşunuzun darbe gücünü emerek bunu daha önce hiç hissetmediğiniz seviyede duyarlı bir konfora dönüştürür.

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Kötü Mükemmel

Great boots

This pair is the most comfortable boots I ever owned I use this for fishing from shore fantastic grip on any terrain and the boa technology it’s amazing

Great boot if you walk perfectly!

Got these boots and immediately fell in love with how comfortable they are and the lacing system. They do run a bit narrow. With the rounded sole, they are not good if you overpronate or underpronate (walk on the outside of your foot or inside of your foot). I tend to overpronate and if I am in the woods hiking on uneven ground i really feel it in my legs. Other than that, I love em! Cushioning is unbelievable!


I’ve had a pair of these for almost 2 years now they are extremely comfortable the coolest thing about these shoes some might would think is the tread on the bottom, I would like to think that it is the quick fasten method instead of tying up laces. It is so much quicker than tying a shoe lace. Now the second best thing about the shoes in my opinion is the tread on the bottom the tire tread. It has made these boots last for a long time I have put on many many miles and still have a lot of tread left. They have an unreal cushion to make walking over rugged terrain a comfort. The tread going up the front and side of the boot gives for extra grip. I highly recommend


I loved these boots and have been wearing them for the last two years as a Federal K9 Police Officer. They have held up really well and is why I am purchasing another pair.


I just bought these and wore them right out of the box on a 5 day elk hunting trip. i have had so much trouble finding comfortable boots that do what they say they will do. These boots fit my feet perfectly right away. I hiked 30 miles all off trail over five days and packed out a large bull elk wearing them. They are water proof as they claim they are and I never had a hot spot or a painful spot the entire time. I would highly recommend these boots. Light, comfortable, water proof, durable.

The best boot.

This is the best boot I have ever had. Hours going up and down stairs and my feet feel comfortable all day.

Single BOA isn’t great

I love the comfort of walking in the boots, and after a few months they’ve held up well, but I can’t get over how bad the single boa is. If it’s where I need it for my toes it’s loose as can be around the ankle. If it’s good in the ankle my toes are crushed and I can’t walk. Will not work for what I need them for.

very unsatisfied

bought fat tire boot after reading a lot of reviews. boots felt great at first, I was really impressed. after a little over 6 months , heels lost all cushion and boots started rubbing my pinky toe on both feet. so uncomfortable I couldn't wear them anymore. I feel for the price you can buy other boots and they would last a lot longer. I am 71 years old and average build 190 lbs. I bought these to go on walk in elk hunt, but they didn't even make it to the season

Great fit, a little noisy

Great boots but about 10 miles in on them they’ve started squeaking while I walk. A friend has had a pair for 2 years now and said his 2nd day our they developed that problem. He fixed it by tucking chunks of old socks under the cables so they don’t squeak against the leather tongue. So it looks like I’m remodeling my brand new boots so that I’m not making a bunch of noise with every step.

Amazing boots

I normally do not leave reviews. I am a law enforcement officer in Florida. I have owned a couple pairs of the Valsetz boots and have loved them. They have been very comfortable but they would only last me maybe 6-8 months before I needed a new pair. Plus the Florida weather with the rain would leave me with wet feet. I have a pair of bates boots as well that are leather. They do a great job at stoping water. But with the Florida heat, they are a killer. In the valsetz I wear a size 9. So I ordered a size 9 in these and did not listen to all the reviews saying to order a half size bigger because they run small. I regret not listening in the first place because the 9 was to small for me. They were very tight and hurt. I returned them and got a pair in 9.5 and they feel exactly the same as the valsetz in a 9. They fit perfect and are amazingly comfortable. I feel as if I can stand for hours in these with no issues or pain. I have not worn them for a length of time yet. But I can only guess they will be very comfortable.