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FatTire Govie Boots

This is my second pair of this wonderful boots;super comfortable,durable and very well made. The quality of the boots is above all the other hiking boots I’ve ever owned apart from being quite fashionable too. Super happy with them. I highly recommend this product.

Fat Tire Boot

I bought two pairs of the lace up fat tire boots. They are super comfortable. Definitely try on each different pair as the black pair is a little more snug than the khaki pair. I have flat feet and these help with impact. I highly recommend.

These boots are awesome!

I was concerned that they weren't going to be warm enough for my climate (northern Saskatchewan) but after a few days of -30 weather, I can tell you they're plenty warm. They're comfortable and they fit super well (even with my fat feet). They are however a bit more slippery than I expected. Not as good on ice as I was hoping for. But, I'd buy them again!

Next to the Cam Newton Cleats, best shoe I've ever worn

I had the hardest time finding cleats for football until I tried the high top Cam Newton cleats in 2013. They were the most amazing cleats/shoes I'd ever worn. I was in a bind and needed waterproof hiking boots fast. UA offers two day shipping with Shoprunner so I placed my order three business days prior to leaving for Colorado. The boots came in on Saturday, and I hiked the sand dunes of Western Michigan in a torrential downpour. Not only did the boots not let any water in from the rain, but I also stood in Lake Michigan on multiple occasions to test if they could make it through streams in Colorado. I will post the picture standing in the water. Not a single drop of water made it into the boots. I was taking a risk ordering a 12 as the smallest shoe I've ever worn before was a 12.5 and I'm usually a 13. The 12 probably was a touch too snug, but even being tight they were ridiculously comfortable. I did 12 plus miles of hiking a day for a week in Colorado, and it felt like I was walking on a cloud. My break in hike was 8 miles up and down sand dunes, and I didn't get a single blister. I did hikes that were extremely vertical and even some free climbing, and the boots were extremely tacky. I was probably putting myself in some dangerous situations, but the boots didn't fail me. I've put close to 100 miles on the boots already and I don't see any signs of wear in the tread.

Great Boot for Sore Feet

I brought these in hopes of finding a light weight and comfortable boot to wear on rainy days in NYC. Though the boot description does not say water proof I find these boots handle the rain well as my feet stay dry. The best thing about these boots is the comfort they afford my bad and sore feet. I am a chronic foot pain sufferer and no matter what sneaker or boot I buy I find my feet always hurt if I have to stand for a long period of time and generally after all day wear. Because the rubber sole of these boots allow you to stand with pressure directed towards the center of your foot, not the toe or heal I find my foot pain post wearing is a lot less. Overall this is a great lightweight boot. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Best Shoe For Me in 70 Years

What a Joy... Reviews said about Keeping Feet Warm in Winter... WELL I am in Melbourne FL and Have No Winter to Speak of.90 Degrees Usually They are so COMFORTABLE that my Walking has INCREASED TRIPLE. They Protect the ANKLE and Really Cushion You Perfect Fit Triple Endurance and No Pain. Huge PLUS No Sweaty Socks or HOT FEET the Rear tab did come off and CUSTOMER SERVICE Whitney helped and is Top Notch I AM NOT GIVING UP THESE SHOES FOR A MINUTE BEST SHOE I HAVE EVER WORN I HAVE TRIED THEM ALL

Right on the money

These boots are perfect for northeast canada weather. They are warm they are stable on ice and they are like traction aid in the snow. Great product UA!!!

Slight problem

Third time I used these the loop on the back that allows you to slide your feet in broke. I really love these boots and my only wish is for the loops to be better built.

Phenomenal shoes

Amazing cushioning, you get used to how much bounce there is and the fit is wonderful. I would 100% recommend. I could wear these all day.

comfortable fit and great looks, can't ask for more!

Got these boots last week just in time for winter. Love the look and feel of the boots. Quite a bit of cushioning on the soles adding a bounce in your step. First time you try it on it feels a little odd as you make contact with the ground through the center of the boot. Feels very comfortable and seems to fare well in the cold so far.