Erkek UA Fat Tire Sandalet

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Erkek UA Fat Tire Sandalet
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  • Kumaş arka kısımlı naylon bantlar rahattır, hızlı kurur ve destek sunar
  • 3 noktalı, cırt cırtlı ayarlanabilir yapı mükemmel uyumu sunar
  • Tam boy Charged Cushioning® orta taban darbe etkisini emip optimum yastıklama sağlar
  • Michelin® OC Dış Taban Bileşiği açık havada mükemmel tutuş sunar
  • Mükemmel kavrayış sağlayan Michelin® Wild Gripper dış taban çıkıntı deseni, çamur ve kir tutmaz
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Nice sandal and cool looking

Grippy,holds your feet secure,more so than the flat tire flip flops,yet cooler that sandals with full covered sides and toes for warmer days.I wear them more than anything else at these these summer temperatures.

Test man

En zorlu şartlarda bile kullandım. Gayet rahat. Işim geregi Kanyonda fotoğraf ve video ceken biriyim. Dogal olarak irmak cevresinde gun boyu surekli suya girip cikiyorum. Surekli islaniyor ve kuruyor.. dikkat etmeniz gereken su, kuru ve islak cirt cirt ayarini yapmaniz gerekiyor. Kuru iken ayaginizi saglam sardiginizda, islaninca bir genisleme oluyor. Bu problem mi hayir. Tabani michelin kalitesi cok iyi yer tutuyor. Ben genel olarak memnunum. 1.86 boyum var. 90 kiloyum 44 numara ideal sizin icin.. tesekkurler under armour...

  • Gün boyu sudayiz:)

Awesome product

Soul is slippery! Comfort for your feet is outstanding! Same like hovr! But the stickers came off within a week! Worth buying!

Surprisingly Comfortable

I was skeptical when first opened the box, but after wearing them for short walks, I am happy. I am 6 feet, 230pounds with flat feet and normally need to wear stability/motion control runners, but my foot strike is really stable in these. They provide good cushioning without feeling mushy. The straps can be tight enough to provide a secure fit without digging into your foot. Also, there is no leather so I will be wearing them around Waikiki Beach next January and not afraid to walk in the water if I need to. I normally wear a size 13 (D width) running shoe in virtually every brand, but I ordered a size 12 in these and the fit is just right...size 13 would have been too big for if you normally wear 11.5 shoes, you should probably choose the size 11. Also, there are 3 straps, but you only need to loosen one strap (middle one) to get in or out of your sandals, the other 2 straps can remain fixed. If you want a lightweight sandal that you can also wear around the beach/lake with no annoying buckles or tightening systems, I think you should consider these.


I have not missed a day wearing these since I received them. Middle of the winter in WI and even do some outside choirs with these. Fit as expected and adjustable to wear heavy socks when needed. I have had a lot of sandals but these are by far the most comfortable with the fat tire bottom. Thanks UA.

The Best Sandals you can get in the market. A must buy product.

I bought these Sandals after waiting for 2 years as Under Armour isn't available in India. This series of Fat tire hasn't dissappointed me at all and I feel honoured to use this Sandals. Fit wise this runs a bit large. I got the US 10 size and its a tiny bit large. The Charged cusion is heavenly soft and it feels great to wear these. The sole of Michelin Wild Gripper is just fabulous and provides great comfort and grip. I would suggest you to buy these inspite of it being a bit pricy because its worth every penny. I'm doing all my hikes and treks with these Sandals only. Cannot imagine a single other sandal equivalent to this one. Under Armour Amazing job with this one ! Only request is to provide more colours in these ! Thanks Under Armour for this and you have earned a fan forever ! The 2 years wait is truly worth waiting for !


I bought these last fall for my son to wear this summer, he has wore them for the last month on and off, probably 15-20 times... This past weekend when he was attaching the velcro to strap broke on the top part of the foot, very disappointed... of course no receipt since I bought them last fall... we buy everything under armour and don't normally ever have problems.

Très Satisfait!

Bonne Qualité. Bonne Grandeur. Extrêmement confortable!

Very comfortable

Really like like these sandals. When I first tried them on I was sceptical because they felt a little rounded on the sole but they were comfortable so I figured I would give them a shot. Now after 3 weeks, I can say the rounded feeling didn’t last more than a day! The comfort level is as good or better than any sandal I have ever owned. All the straps are adjustable which allows for a great fit. My only reservation comes from the UA FAT TIRE that is on the insole came off in a couple of weeks. I would think there would be a better means of putting a logo on the food bed.

Great sandals

Very comfortable to wear. Easy to adjust for a perfect fit. The sizing seems right on.