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UA Flow, hızınıza hız katar. Hafif, kauçuksuz, dayanıklı yeni yastıklamamızın yere yakın ve kavrayıcı yapısı, hızlanmanızı sağlar. Koşarken rüzgar arkanızdaymış gibi hissedeceksiniz.
  • Çok yumuşak, pamuklu kumaş gün boyu rahatlık sunar
  • Yaka nervürlüdür
  • Tek parça Flow orta taban, hareketlerinize tepki verir ve uzun süreli yastıklama sunar
  • Kauçuk tabanı ortadan kaldıran Flow teknolojisi, daha hafif ve her zeminde kusursuz bir yapı oluşturur
  • Dış taban malzemesi çok dayanıklıdır ve zemin tutuşunu artırır
  • Stil No: 5039975
  • %60 Pamuk/%40 Polyester
  • Ağırlık: 250 gİthal edilmiştir
  • NÖTR: Esneklik ve yastıklama arasında ideal dengeye ihtiyaç duyan koşucular içindir

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Game changing shoe built for all distances

I'm almost at 3 weeks in this shoes and just over 100 miles with runs on the treadmill, asphalt, concrete, cobblestones, packed dirt, rubber track and in the rain. I even took them 26.2 this morning on my long run just to see how they would feel: zero issues. Simply put, this is a top 10 and quite possibly top 5 shoe all time for me. The grip of the outsole makes this shoe feel as if it wants to get up and go, but the firm (yet cushioned) ride is ready to go the distance, providing a responsive, comfortable ride with each step. I've run in other UA models and wasn't entirely impressed. The Velociti Wind ticks every box and in my opinion serves as UA's formal entry into the running shoe conversation.

Surprisingly good

I usually can’t wait to take my shoes off after a run(I have been through several different pairs trying to find a good shoe) but After a few runs in these shoes they feel great, especially for a heel-strike runner like myself. Like gliding on each foot. But wait, Bluetooth?!?! It’s all very ideal for training

Superior shoe especially for heel-strike runners

This shoe is awesome - I am a heel-strike runner (the heel tread on all my running shoes gets worn down while the rest looks pristine), and the curved heel on these makes me feel like I'm gliding instead of pounding the pavement. As such, my joints and low back feel great after a run with these. Additionally, these run true-to-size IF you know your size in Under Armour (these are the same sizing as the Charged Intake for example), but may differ in other brands.

Super light but with plenty of support

Loved the on foot feel of this shoe. It felt like a tempo type shoe from a weight and lock-in perspective but was very supportive. Closest I've felt to a minimalist shoe while still having plenty of cushion support.

colossal disappointment

I have 3 UA Run Long 10.5 shoes. Perfect shoes for everything. I use them every day all day. Logically I ordered a new UA FLOW. This is a result.: 1 Runs small one size. 2. Very Hard and flat sole. Sole is not shaped as UA Run Long. 3 All weight is on the heel.  4. Uncomfortable for walking. I did not try to run. Worse shoes ever.

Changing the Game!

This shoe has an excellent upper. It's very breathable and comfortable. This shoe is very quiet as there is no outsole. The grip works well for any type of road running. The midsole is soft and gives you that ground contact feel. If you are looking for a light weight up tempo shoe between your race day shoe and your Max cushion shoe, this is it!

Fits Like a Glove, Such a Smooth Ride

Great shoe. Soft, smooth ride. Have taken this on my favorite course the last three days which is partially road and partially gravel with some nice hills. Super smooth ride, almost like wearing a sock but with nice cushioning and responsiveness. Will be the #1 shoe in my rotation for daily runs. Have always worn a 9.5 in all brands, 9.5 fits perfectly.

Runs Very Small

This is an almost perfect shoe. It’s very lightweight and comfortable. However, it runs very small. I am usually a 12-12.5. I bought a 13 to be safe, and my big toe is still uncomfortably pressed against the shoe. 13.5 would be perfect, but they don’t make that size. I’m hoping it will stretch over time and fit better. I’m not sure why all their shoes seem to fit so unusually small. Other than that issue, this is a great shoe.