Erkek UA HOVR™ Apex 2 Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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  • Under Armour HOVR™ teknolojisi, her adımda darbe etkisini ortadan kaldırmaya yardımcı olan enerji kazanımını korumak için "sıfır yer çekimi hissi" sağlar
  • Sert EVA orta tabanın içinde bulunan Under Armour HOVR™ köpük, rahatlık ve performans arasında mükemmel denge kurar
  • 3 boyutlu baskıya sahip, hafif file üst kısım dayanıklıdır ve benzersiz koruma sağlar
  • Bant yapısı üstün destek sunar, ayak tarağının hareket etmesini sağlar ve topuğu sabitler
  • Under Armour TriBase™ zeminle teması maksimuma çıkarır, doğal hareket kabiliyetini artırır ve ağırlık kaldırırken kavrayış sunmak için esneklik sağlar
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 8 mm
  • Ağırlık: 375,5 g
  • İthal edilmiştir

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Shoelaces holes are garbage

I’ve not even had this product for a year and the shoelaces holes already falling apart on both shoes

Workout Comfort

These are awesome super comfortable and well designed for every day use in gym. The grip is second to none. Highly recommend

Best weight training shoe made...

This is the best shoe I have ever worn for weight training. I have completely enjoyed wearing out two pair and have recently ordered three more pairs. The only problem is the four eyelets at the top of the shoe. They tear fairly easily and need to be replaced with metal eyelets. Redesign the eyelets with metal and don’t change anything else and you have the perfect shoe! I have a way of solving the eyelet problem by lacing the shoes to take direct pressure off of the rubber eyelets while still utilizing the eyelets and would share how to do this if possible. Fix the rubber eyelets and you have the best weight training shoe on the market today....

Great all around workout shie

Been using these for kettlebell days. Good all around support and comfy feel without being too tight. Almost like wearing socks but more secure

Great for Cross Training

I bought these with the hope they would perform as well as the HOVR running shoes I use in my rotation. They have delivered through seven workouts so far. I have a wider foot so I need something with some flex, but my cross-training involves a lot of squats, jumping and transitions. The shoe has delivered on comfort and stability that I need. My lone concern is that the plastic that covers the shoelace eyelet seems to be cut by the laces. It is a minor, superficial thing.

Great fit, seems to be quite durable!

The shoe fits well. It's a little bigger and heavier than I expected. Should be a great general purpose shoe. I haven't tried running in them yet, but for general cross training, they seem to be quite effective.

Best shoe for HiiT I've had

I've worn the "other" leading contenders in the cross-training HIIT shoe world. These are MORE comfortable, MORE stable, MORE cushioned...They bring MORE.

Great Shoe - terrible lacing system

Like many others that have provided reviews, I love these shoes. But, like them the laces ripped through the plastic eyelets after wearing them 4-5 times. I have requested an exchange and hope the new ones don't suffer the same fate as I've just gotten these broken in.

Great value for price

I wouldn't run long distances I'm these shoes but they provide plenty of support for kettlebell workouts, jump rope, 3-4 mile runs and chasing my kids around the backyard. Also look nice.

Tore at top eyelet

The problem was in the quality and design of the UA HOVR Apex 2. The shoe string tore through the top eyelet and would hold the shoe string in the tear. I have never experienced a quality issue with any of my Under Armour shoes.