Erkek UA HOVR™ Rise Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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En gelişmiş yastıklama teknolojimiz olan Under Armour HOVR™, şaşırtıcı derecede yüksek enerji kazanımı ve tepki kabiliyeti sunar. Under Armour HOVR™ Rise ile bu teknolojiyi koşu dünyasından antrenman dünyasına taşıdık. Böylece burpee'den merdiven çıkma ve kutuya sıçramaya kadar her hareketi daha enerjik yapacaksınız.
  • Under Armour HOVR™ teknolojisi, her adımda darbe etkisini ortadan kaldırmaya yardımcı olan enerji kazanımını korumak için "sıfır yer çekimi hissi" sağlar
  • Basınçlı file Energy Web, Under Armour HOVR™ köpüğü muhafaza edip şekillendirerek enerji kazanımı sağlar
  • 3D baskıya sahip, hafif, aşınmaya dayanıklı file üst kısım, her antrenmana uygun maksimum dayanıklılık ve nefes alabilirlik sunar
  • Üst üste binen filmler ve çift dış topuk dolgusu, ayağı sararak dengeyi artırır
  • Tam boy kauçuk dış taban, çok yönlü tutuşu ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 8 mm
  • Ağırlık: 300 g
  • İthal edilmiştir

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13 Yorum

They’re great

Bought these for weight lifting, very comfortable, allow great maneuverability, they look sleek/low profile too which I like.

My first try with UA training shoes and loving it

Been training with competitor brands and decided to try UA HOVR Rise. Really great shoes. Fits well, comfortable and mostly it performs well in cross fit exercise. Price quality right on. Definite recommend for training shoes.

Great shoe

These have become my go-to shoe most days. They can handle a decent walk or run, outside or on the treadmill, and move right into HIIT or heavy lifting. They're snug but not tight and give you really good lateral movement.

Great Lifting Shoe

I do more power lifting type training, so a lot of ground based heavy movements. While not quite the support of a traditional power lifting shoe, its pretty close. Just enough flex for comfort, but great support. In fact, I felt like the felt better the heavier I went. 2 thumbs up!

Great fit and support!

Finally got a new pair after my last shoes wore out. These are amazing! Just used them tonight after receiving them same day and I noticed a difference in my performance. Less issues with grip and support for leg day. Very stable going into squats and plyometrics. Also very effective with HIIT moves. Definitely recommend. Plus they look awesome, even in the black with white sole.

Great training shoe!

Great all around training/gym shoe. Solid cushion on the heel and a good base for a wide foot (which I have). I have no complaints about this product and think it’s a fair price for the high quality! Would buy again.

All Around Good Show for Cross-Training

I'm very picky about shoes for boot camp and other training at the gym. Comfort, style, as well as durability are huge factors for me when I'm looking for training shoes. I can honestly say that I tried all the usual brands before taking a chance on these. After reading the reviews I decided to order these shoes. I'm on week three of wearing them. I wear them 5 days a week to a boot camp class and then 6 days a week inside the gym, on various equipment and floor surfaces. The shoes have been extremely comfortable and are holding up to the hours I have them on every day. They seem to have a good amount of cushioning and are comfortable. They don't rub on my skin anywhere. In fact, my husband ordered a pair about a week after me and we are both very happy with the purchase. I will update if we run into to any quality issues after a few months of wear.

I love these Shoes

I love these shoes. They fit my foot perfect and look really good. I like them a lot more than the Hoover Icon.

Solid training shoe

Comfortable training shoe with a really sturdy sole. They're soft and comfortable but are also firm for training.

Under Armour makes the best, most comfortable, performance shoes ever!

One of the best shoes ever that I'm glad they came out with as they are amazingly comfortable, but also allow cross training, explosive side to side movements, kickboxing, and any all around movement. With the perfect amount of comfortable, stress relieving quality, and amazing performance. I have 6 different UA shoes. The original Hovr shoes are the most comfortable shoe that I've ever worn. The Hovr 2 are the best running shoes ever. And, these new "RISE" SHOES are so fulfilling cuz every training session these days requires lateral movements in all directions, with a cushion to relieve foot pain, like plantar fasciitis, etc.. I love UA shoes and the clothing is the best.