Erkek UA Locker III Terlik

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Erkek UA Locker III Terlik
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Flip flop

Very comfortable Fit like a glove. Great bang for your buck

Great slides

They are perfect in the locker room or for relax wear. Very light and smooth to walk in.


I just got my 2nd pair of these slides from you. The 1st pair lasted 7 years. The right shoe/slide wore out quicker due to a permanent disability right leg, the left slide is worn but actually structurally Good shape. and I wear them every day. And, I find after trying on a pair I had to buy a size 3X bigger than my actual shoe size the first pair I bought at Cabela's, a 9, and needed a size 12. The 'True Size Chart' is actually irrelevant and serves no purpose. Thanks for an Excellent product as there isn't many out there.

Amazing for the water

I got these for my boyfriend and he loved them! He normally wears an 11.5 so I got him a 12 and they fit great, he was worried about them not looking good on his because he has a wide foot but they looked great He wanted something that he could get wet and not worry about them getting ruined. Would highly recommend!


I am so happy I came across these NAVY slides, I use them after hours at the fire station and I can use them to take a shower without having to turn slides upside down to drain water. Great price point made a great Chanukah gift for my crew. Outstanding performance, highly recommended.

Serve their purpose

These slides are great for the price point. Materials seem durable and with holes in bottom, allow the foot to breath. Will purchase another colour soon.

Perfect for what they are made for

UA built these for the locker room and they are perfect for what you need them for. They dry fast and are decently comfy for the price.

Serves the Purpose

Simple. Functional. Serves their purpose as a slip on - quick to wear - sandal. The fit is true, the comfort is easy on the foot and well worth the price. These are meant to drain water so wearing them outside where there is a chance you will be walking through an area where brush or objects may come up into the sole is not recommended.

2nd Pair

Bought my first pair in 2011, in 2016 a raven thought it was dinner and now I'm upgrading. This gen is a lot more durable of a model, thicker soles with additional drain holes. The strap is "a little too big," not the whole slide, which is a bummer compared to my old pair. No slipping, sliding, or squeaking. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, just hope I can protect this pair better!

Great slides!

These are the best slides I've owned, they have drain holes to keep from squeaky noises. My feet also don't slide around in them when wet like other ones I have had.