Erkek UA Micro G® Pursuit Koşu Ayakkabısı

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399,90 TL
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    • Renk: Black (002)
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  • NEUTRAL: Esneklik ve yastıklama isteyen koşucular için
  • Hafif file üst kısım tamamen nefes alabilen yapıdadır
  • Bilek kısmının çevresine ve dilin altına yerleştirilen köpük dolgu çok rahattır
  • Geri sekme kabiliyeti yüksek, kalıp kesim EVA tabanlık, uzatılmış ayak kemeri desteğine sahiptir
  • Tek parça Micro G® köpük orta taban, inişleri yastıklayıp kalkışlara çeviklik kazandırır
  • Lastiklerden ilham alan dış taban deseni, mükemmel esneklik ve üstün tutuş sağlar
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 8 mm
  • Ağırlık: 248 g
  • Imported

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Kötü Mükemmel


Kötü Mükemmel

Light weight comfort

I’ve been running with these shoes for over a year and the quality of the shoes has shown. Most of my shoes wear off and comfort and performance drops after a few months. These have remained solid over a year as I continue to get long runs in with them. The cushion it offers is perfect for long runs as well as speed workouts due to the light weight feature.


Konforlu çok şık bir ürün. Beğendim.. siparişimden 1 gün sonra elime ulaştı. Tavsiye ediyorum.


I have had these shoes for almost eight months and they still squeak with every step.

Good overall shoe

I have had these shoes for about a month now and have not seen any signs of wear or tear. These are very confortable and high quality shoes. If you can get rhese shoes on a deal it's your best bet because I feel the price is a little high, but overall fantastic shoe.

Great shoe for walking and running

I didn't want to pony up for a HOVR shoe yet and figured micro G tech might fit the bill. I needed a shoe that had decent foam density, a slight arch for running, and stylish enough to wear casually. I bought the all black version. I log about 20 miles of walking and 8 miles of running every week. I've had the shoes for about a month. Great so far. Looks like I'll be able to log a good mount of mileage before it starts to wear. I see this as the poor man's ultra boost. Pretty bouncy but stable feel. I've no idea why half the reviews complain about a squeak. I never hear anything. I walk and run on normal pavement. Nothing. Maybe those people need to tie their laces tighter? Overall, I'm impressed with the running performance, comfort and the price. Recommended.

Second Pair Squeaks

I really liked these shoes and bought a second pair after the first pair was somewhat worn out. They developed a LOUD and consistent squeak in both shoes within a couple of weeks. I haven't even broken them in...VERY disappointing. I'm planning on reaching out to UA for warranty or (hopefully) a replacement that does not squeak. 2 stars since my first pair was good and the style is desirable. If UA covers this type of issue, I'd up this review to 4 stars.

Great shoe for the price

Under armour is very underrated I feel they make some really good shoes this is my second set of under armour shoes they look good and fit great I really like there styles never had any issues with them I'm not a runner just a casual walker and like the athletic look to the shoes they have

AMAZING WIDE SIZE!! Please please make more like these!

Bought them for my mom - she has delicate feet and bunions - these shoes accommodate her perfectly and she is able to do sports again! Buying them in several colors for her! So happy! :)

I'm in love with these shoes!

I have very wide feet and it is extremely hard to find a pair of shoes to fit me correctly. Those that do, I typically wear a triple wide or 6e depending on the brand. From the moment I tried these own, I was in love. These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever tried on! I'm so glad I bought 2 pairs and I'll be back to buy more when they wear out. I can't recommend this shoe enough!

great fit

very nice looking shoe and fits great (wide size) please make more styles in wide