Erkek UA Örgülü Kemer 2.0

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Erkek UA Örgülü Kemer 2.0

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Ürün DNA’sı

Golf sahasında esneklik sunmak için tasarlanan bu kemeri günlük hayatınızda da takabilirsiniz. Bu ürünün sırrı, esnekliğinizi artırarak olağanüstü rahatlık sunan çok esnek örgülü yapısıdır.
  • Esnek dokuma örgüler ekstra esneklik sağlar
  • Deri uçlar daha şık durur
  • Metal tokada kabartma Under Armour markası bulunur
  • 30-42 Beden bellere uygundur
  • Genişlik: 3,5 cm

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Kötü Mükemmel


Kötü Mükemmel

Great belt !

Bought for my husband, and he loves it! Good product, well made.


the belt is amazing it feels great and it looks great ill buy 3 or 4 more belts very soon., thw belts are very elegant and comfortable


I bought this belt for golf and it turned into my EVERYDAY belt... Truly, a must buy....

Comfortable and built to fit

I have a 30" waist and ordered a size 30 belt. With normal belts I have to punch at least one or two additional holes in between the ones already there to get the correct fit. What I like about this belt (and I now have four) is there are no pre-set holes so you put the prong exactly where it's needed.

Best belt

This is the best belt I have ever owned. It looks great and is very comfortable. It stretched when I need it to, like when I'm sitting down, and then quickly returns to size when I stand back up. It looks good with work casual or jeans.

Perfect Quality and Style

Excellent Quality belt, really well made compared to other belts of this type. Important note on size. I bought a 32 and it is the exact same length (from Buckle to Tip) as the Men's UA baseball belt, which is perfect. I am a Waist 30 in most UA pants and shorts and the 32 in this belt fits perfectly! I do wear my pants rite on the hip bone though. For people who wear them higher up, and have a Beer keg, you might want to upsize depending on the Gallons you possess.

Kalitesi güzel esnek lakin kemer tokası biraz ağır. Daha ince olabilirdi.

Kalitesi güzel esnek lakin kemer tokası biraz ağır. Daha ince olabilirdi.

Best belt ever!

I have purchased a lot of belts the fray they warp and holes stretch but this belt is perfect in every way. Well worth the purchase and they grey can almost go with any color clothing.

UA golf belts

Initially purchased the blue. Like them so much I bought 3 other colors. Great feel and performance.

Perfect for casual

Good looking belt and very comfortable. It looks great when wearing it, especially in casual clothing.