Erkek UA Performance Crew Çorap - 3'lü Paket

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Erkek UA Performance Crew Çorap - 3lü Paket
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Erkek UA Performance Crew Çorap - 3'lü Paket

Ürün DNA’sı

These aren't just any old socks. They keep your feet cool. They give you arch support. They've even got anti-odor technology so they don't stink. These are socks built for athletes.
  • Anatomik uyum için Sol/Sağ yapısı
  • Gerçek Dikişsiz Burun üstün konfor ve daha az tahriş sağlar
  • Kemer desteği ayak yorgunluğunu azaltır
  • Stratejik Tampon ayağın yüksek darbeye maruz kalan alanlarını korur
  • Nem Aktarma Sistemi teri vücuttan uzaklaştırır
  • ArmourBlock® Koku Önleme teknolojisi mikroplara neden olan koku oluşumunu önler
  • Üç çift çorap

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9 Yorum

Nice socks

Comfortable. Wear it all the time. Need to buy more

Great Socks

Socks are comfortable and colors are great. Choosing these would be a great choice.


Extremely comfortable and warm! I love them for just being at home, at the gym, or out at work (patrol duties, 85% spent outside, lots of walking). I wear a size 6.5 shoe, the medium size is perfect.

Poor socks

Whoever designed these socks must have never tried to put them on. The ribs that run horizontally around the the arch area makes the sock incredibly difficult to put on.

Just for a workout

Socks are much like underwear these days, unless you are rail-thin they aren't really going to fit. That being said, these feel like they would be okay to wear for an hour at a time. Maybe they would offer a compression benefit. So, three stars is kind. Sent back the crew socks that were made for skin and bone in who knows where in the world. Maybe I will update this review later but I will be kind for now. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

no sweat

The best socks we've ever owned! They have compression but keep the feet dry and comfortable all day and help your circulation!! Love them!!!

Too tight!

Too tight for comfort...these socks literally cut the circulation off in your feet!

Great Socks

Best cotton crew socks I ever owned for everyday wear.

Mid calf socks issues

I bought my first mid calf socks and started having issues with stitching around the logo. I pulled them up today and there are holes all around the Logo ! I have never had any issues with all of the UA footies but these socks didn't even hold up for 2 months.