Erkek UA Project Rock 1 Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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Erkek UA Project Rock 1 Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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"Project Rock bir marka değil, harekettir. Ne renk, kaç yaşında ve nereli olduğunu veya ne iş yaptığını hiçbir şekilde önemsemediğim temel bir inanıştır bu. Mesele her ne olursa olsun üstesinden gelebileceğimiz ve başarabileceğimiz inancıyla seni ve beni önemsiyorum sadece. Fakat her şey, dört elle sarılmaya istekli olup emek sarf etmeyle başlıyor."—Dwayne Johnson
  • Tamamen örgü üst kısım nefes alabilen, basınçlı yapı benzeri tasarımıyla hafiflik ve yönsel kuvvet sunar
  • Sentetik yüzey, yan kısımda daha fazla destek sunar ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Bileğe kadar uzanan patik yapısı ayağı sıkıca sararak rahatlık sağlar ve desteği artırır
  • Ayarlanabilir bağcık sistemi ve ayak tarağındaki örgü, ayağı sabitleyerek kişiye özel uyum sunar
  • TPU topuk yapısı ve dış topuk dolgusu, ağırlık kaldırırken dengeyi artırır
  • Tek parça Micro G® orta taban inişleri yastıklarken kalkışlara hız kazandırır
  • Tam kauçuk dış tabana stratejik olarak yerleştirilen, benzersiz kabartma doku tutuşu ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 6 mm
  • Ağırlık: 339 g
  • Imported

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Kötü Mükemmel

Not comfortable

Bought these shoes because I love the comfort of the Under Armour brand. The Rock Deltas were the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. Sadly, I have to say that these Project Rocks are not comfortable. I have worn them 3 times, and each time left my feet feeling worse. After walking in them for most of the day, my feet felt a pain I have not felt since doing ten mile hikes in basic training in combat boots.

Love it

One of my favorite shoes for training., make sure you order 1 size down they run big

Awesome Shoe

I normal do not buy shoes online mainly because I have a wider foot. I was nervous at first but when they came in and put them on I knew right away they were going to be a great fit. Also right away I put them to the test and hit the iron paradise and the comfort of this shoe was unreal super comfortable. I would highly recommend this show for working out or just to wear around just because of how comfortable they are and they look great love the color ways. Every year I look forward to the Project Rock collection its my favorite thing to buy on Under Armour. Keep up the great work can not wait to see what the future holds.


Awesome shoe. Very comfortable. Although I suggest to buy a half size lower. Shoe runs a little big. Other than that great shoe for training and or working out in the gym.

These shoes are HUUUUUGE!

I love the look and feel of these shoes. Unfortunately they are way too big and I ordered a 1/2 size smaller as suggested (9 instead of my normal 9.5). I love the compression ankle "sock" and the fit in the arch but the toe box is just way too much. I want to exchange them for a smaller size but, unfortunately, the next size down is sold out. TBH...I'm not sure I don't need to go down 2 more 1/2 sizes. When/ if they ever become available I am ordering an 8 and an 8.5.

Great Shoe

Im a size 11 and i read reviews and went down a 1/2 size but that was still too big ended up ordering the new colors and went a full size down and they fit great. Feels good in everything I did at the gym. Love the new colors.

Size is not as its advertised and shoes is way bigger than the normal size

So i have had this shoes for sometime. I have used it like 3-4 times till now because after wearing the shoes i felt like my leg was slipping to the front of the shoes and it started hurting my ankle as thats the one where it gripped on. I felt like the laces for the shoes also doesnt stay, as it unties every 10-15 min and i have to tighten it up everytime. I dont think i am super impressed with the shoes. My shoes size has always been 11 and this shoe even at size 11 is too loose for me. Thats the main complaint for me and i dont think i will use this shoes that much going forward

Finally someone who makes shoes as they should be!

These shoes are great! I used to work in a running store and I know extensively about shoes and running gait. I never understood why shoe makers make shoes with a tight toe box. Toes need to splay, not to stick close together. My feet are 10, but I bought all 11s, so I believe people will need a full bigger size to have enough room in front of the toes. I just bought my forth pair, and I love how comfortable they are on my feet. They are so comfortable that I could wear them all day long after training. Comfortable mesh, great flexibility, and right drop. My feet are not wide but not narrow, so in my opinion they are the perfect fit for the average Joe. If I really have to find something negative is the elastic band on the back. Do not use it to pull the shoes, otherwise it will not last that long. I already see a couple of strings detaching.

Aesthetically Pleasing, Low Practicality

The shoe looks and feels great from the outside. Once I out it on though, the issues started. 1. I have wide feet. Trying to get my feet into these shoes was extremely difficult, and I kept pushing in the ankle support halfway down. It concerned me that If I continues doing this, I would waste away the ankle support quickly. 2. Shoes slide around when I jumped rope. Had little to no grip when I landed. 3. Toes were extremely uncomfortable.

This sneaker is awesome !!!

Took me a couple tries to get the right fit but all in all it worked out sizing was normal which was a shock when i read all the replies. The only downfall would be UA supply of the colors and sizes and it takes a while to get. All in all I think its early yet but I am hoping this will be my new rock training sneaker for many years to come. It has a great foundation and sturdy as she goes.Plus they are super cool and come with extra shoe laces nice bonus and the sock fit is nice as sneakers in the past like converse have that plastic support that ends up peaking through the heal and rubbing your back achilles. No doubt these feel really good, you wont be disappointed