Erkek UA Project Rock 1 Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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"Project Rock bir marka değil, harekettir. Ne renk, kaç yaşında ve nereli olduğunu veya ne iş yaptığını hiçbir şekilde önemsemediğim temel bir inanıştır bu. Mesele her ne olursa olsun üstesinden gelebileceğimiz ve başarabileceğimiz inancıyla seni ve beni önemsiyorum sadece. Fakat her şey, dört elle sarılmaya istekli olup emek sarf etmeyle başlıyor."—Dwayne Johnson
  • Tamamen örgü üst kısım nefes alabilen, basınçlı yapı benzeri tasarımıyla hafiflik ve yönsel kuvvet sunar
  • Sentetik yüzey, yan kısımda daha fazla destek sunar ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Bileğe kadar uzanan patik yapısı ayağı sıkıca sararak rahatlık sağlar ve desteği artırır
  • Ayarlanabilir bağcık sistemi ve ayak tarağındaki örgü, ayağı sabitleyerek kişiye özel uyum sunar
  • TPU topuk yapısı ve dış topuk dolgusu, ağırlık kaldırırken dengeyi artırır
  • Tek parça Micro G® orta taban inişleri yastıklarken kalkışlara hız kazandırır
  • Tam kauçuk dış tabana stratejik olarak yerleştirilen, benzersiz kabartma doku tutuşu ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 6 mm
  • Ağırlık: 339 g
  • Imported

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Kötü Mükemmel

Extremely comfortable shoe

I use this shoe for weightlifting and for the moment jogging. These shoes aren't made for running but they work well for it.


ROCK THANK YOU ! Mike Best sneaker EVER MADE no others COMPARE keep making them ! Well Built very very comfortable, comes with 3 pair of Laces, Fits like a Glove. These UA if u have Wide feet like me 4E PLENTY of room,

Denemeden Almayın

Görüntü olarak çok güzel fakat ön kısımdaki derimsi bölüm ayağı kavramıyor ve bükülüyor. Rahatsız edici bir durum, ayakkabı kalıbı biraz farklı numaralar büyük oluyor. Kesinlikle denemek lazım her ayak tipine uygun değil.

Phenomenal training shoe

I was skeptical about trying these shoes out about the mix reviews I was reading on them. I ordered half a size below my normal shoe size as recommended by Under Armour. When the shoes came in the mail I tried them on. These were unbelievably comfortable. I have a very hard time finding a pair of Under Armour shoes that are comfortable for me. I have been wearing these shoes now for about a month and absolutely love them. I am even tempting to order another pair in another color. The stability you get with the shoe along with support on the ankle are great. Definitely the best training shoe I have ever worn.

Shoes slide around, not usable at gym

I've been eyeing these shoes for a couple months now. My mom asked what I wanted for Christmas, which I never usually know what I want. BUT I remembered seeing these shoes, and I had her order me a pair on the first day of release (the army green/black ones). I'm always a 10, there has never been an exception. I did not place the order myself. She did. I get these shoes, open the box... stoked, they look great. Put them on.. they feel a tad roomy, but I need to see how they feel when I'm moving. I wear them indoors working out, they perform terribly due to the fit. My feet slide around, I can't move quickly in them... they're clunky. I've literally never had a pair of ill fitting shoes since I became a full grown adult, and the quality control on the sizing of these shoes is way off. I see from other reviews (almost 100% of them) that I am not alone. Had I placed the order myself online, there's a SMALL chance I might have seen the little note saying that Underarmour recommends a half size down... but my Mom placed the order. Suffice to say, if the exchange does not go smoothly on these shoes (waiting to receive the original box from my mom in the mail now), I will not be ordering Underarmour shoes again. It's pretty much a joke that most everyone that has these shoes must get them online, where they cannot try them on. So naturally, everyone has the same complaint I have. There's literally no way anyone could know the sizing is THIS off other than reading your tiny 12 pt note on the page, and that's if you are ordering them for yourself.

Wide Toe box/good feeling shoe but...

Great looking show with good comfort and durability so far after a few work outs. My only problem is if you are working out or circuit training on flooring other than rubber or turf, portions of the sole may slip due to the material on the bottom of the shoes which is not all rubber.

Great shoe, but order a smaller size!

This shoe is great for lifting! Perfect for what I was looking for when I lift. I do like to do a lot of cross training with sprints and mixed in interval cardio though, and these really aren't cross training shoes or running shoes (I knew that and am willing to adapt my workouts to the kind of shoe I purchased). I'd definitely recommend these to an avid lifter. All the positive said, the shoes are HUGE when it comes to typical under armour size. I've worn Under Armour shoes that range from baseball cleats, football cleats, tennis shoes, training shoes, running shoes, etc., and this dates from 2007 to present and I've ALWAYS worn a size 11.5 - ALWAYS. Even Under Armour's true fit size tool says I should order an 11.5 in these. So I did. And they were far too big. I'm fortunate to live near an under armour store, so I took them in and exchanged them for a 10.5 size. A full size down from everything I've ever worn from Under Armour. Great shoe, but get a smaller size.


These run bigger than your normal size. Had to returm the size 13s and got a 12 1/2 and they still dont seem right. Whats the point of them running bigger than your exact size. They even instruct you to order a half a size smaller. Makes no sense. Now that i ordered a small size, my big toe has just enough room but they are so wide that my other toes have too much room! Overall just not an ideal design to train in! The laces tie too low and it puts all the pressure on the top of your foot/lower part of ankle. If i didnt want to go though the hassle of shipping these back AGAIN i would have returned them but ill just take the loss on these and train with them anyway but not before people know what they are getting into before they but these

Quality assurance severely lacking

Not too sure who put these shoes together. I have been gifted 3 pairs in different colors and each pair has quality issues. Sizing is not consistent. Also on every pair the glue is visible where the sole of the shoe meets the fabric. It’s actually difficult to tell if this is the shoe ripping or if this is glue. Regardless the glue should not be visible on the fabric above the sole and/or to have the product ripping after 3 weeks of wear isn’t good either. Shoe is great looking but due to these issues I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.

Dwayne almost had the perfect shoe.

The rock shoe is the only shoe that under armour makes that would be almost a direct replacement of my old under armour training shoes. They fit great, soles felt amazing, the only flaw that keeps me from keeping this shoe is the hard material from the bottom of the laces all the way down the big toe. After 20 mins of just walking in them in the house, and testing the bend in plank position their started to form a blister from the material not being forgiving overtop of the big toe joints and pressing hard/rubbing into the top of the toe. If the whole toe area from the bottom of the laces to the end of the toes was soft material like it is on the other 4 toes then this would be the best shoe on the market. Hopefully my shoes will last till series 3 of the rock line-up and this issue is hopefully fixed.