Erkek UA Project Rock 1 Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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Erkek UA Project Rock 1 Antrenman Ayakkabısı
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"Project Rock bir marka değil, harekettir. Ne renk, kaç yaşında ve nereli olduğunu veya ne iş yaptığını hiçbir şekilde önemsemediğim temel bir inanıştır bu. Mesele her ne olursa olsun üstesinden gelebileceğimiz ve başarabileceğimiz inancıyla seni ve beni önemsiyorum sadece. Fakat her şey, dört elle sarılmaya istekli olup emek sarf etmeyle başlıyor."—Dwayne Johnson
  • Tamamen örgü üst kısım nefes alabilen, basınçlı yapı benzeri tasarımıyla hafiflik ve yönsel kuvvet sunar
  • Sentetik yüzey, yan kısımda daha fazla destek sunar ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Bileğe kadar uzanan patik yapısı ayağı sıkıca sararak rahatlık sağlar ve desteği artırır
  • Ayarlanabilir bağcık sistemi ve ayak tarağındaki örgü, ayağı sabitleyerek kişiye özel uyum sunar
  • TPU topuk yapısı ve dış topuk dolgusu, ağırlık kaldırırken dengeyi artırır
  • Tek parça Micro G® orta taban inişleri yastıklarken kalkışlara hız kazandırır
  • Tam kauçuk dış tabana stratejik olarak yerleştirilen, benzersiz kabartma doku tutuşu ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 6 mm
  • Ağırlık: 339 g
  • Imported

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These are found under the “athletic shoe” filter but please, for the sake of your ankles, do not try to do any athletic movements in them. They are fine if you’re lifting weights or walking in a straight line but do not try to do any fast lateral movements in them. Your foot slides off the sole and it feels like your foot is going to explode out of the side of the shoe.

Time will tell

I have been wanting these shoes since their initial release. Now that I have them I don’t want to wreck them in the gym, but that’s where they will ultimately end up. They do run a half size big so I recommend dropping down. Only complaint so far is that I’m getting running on my left heel, but I have only worn low socks and will try mid ankles with these since they have a higher ankle. They feel great walking around, no real stiffness you find in new shoes either. Very solid base for your workouts as well, best UA training shoe the Charge HRs.

Great shoe!

I'm really liking this shoe so far. I'm used to working out in low cut shoes, so I was curious to try the high tops. So far, so good on that, although with the cuff around the top it is more of an effort to get the shoes on, but then it keeps them snug on your foot. The shoe is quite lightweight and is super comfortable. One frustrating this is that the day after I ordered these, the new model low cut Blood Orange shoe came out. I considered cancelling this order and ordering the new shoe, but thought I'd try these & if I liked them, then I'd order the new shoe at some point. Also the online sizing seems to have worked pretty well. Thanks, UA & The Rock!

These shoes are amazingly comfortable and provides great stability.

These shoes look great, feel great, and perform extremely well. I use them for multiple activities and they serve me very well. I highly recommend these shoes for cross-training, but also for casual wear.

Great Shoe

What a great shoe. I bought the navy and the white. I have never worn a more comfortable shoe in my life! I hope to see under armour make more products like this one! I am normally a size 10.5 this shoes fits the best at 10 for me. Always pays to try them on first. Thanks!

1 Year of Use 6x a week Review

I used these shoes for almost every workout this past year, except for runs. I'll start with what I do not do in these: run(+1mile). What I use these shoes for almost everyday is strictly for the gym. They have been beat up, but still look great considering I have been using them for all types of high intensity, weight training, etc. I use these shoes almost six times a week, except for rest days and they have held up great. Even the neck of the shoe that sits by the ankle has not stretched. I do not baby these shoes because in the end they are shoes and I like gains. Good traction, feel, comfort, style, and durability. I can see these lasting a long time. They fit well for my foot (12) and I do not notice my foot moving around in them too much, unless I was doing heavy lateral movements that stresses the shoe.

Wish I did not have to take them back

I bought these shoes twice the first time was a sizing mistake because you have to order online and can't try them on so when I got the second pair they fit great are very comfortable and a great shoe however they continue to put blisters on the back of my heel to the point where I cannot wear them. Going to take them back and try upgrading to the hovr.

Great Shoe

I really love this shoe, super comfortable and holds up well with movements. Great value!

Fell Apart

My Project Rock 1's felt great, but after about 4 weeks of use they started to fall apart. The threads on the heel loop started to go first and then the sole began to separate. I only wore them 5-6 hours a week. I thought the high price point was because of the shoes quality, but it seems like it's because the Rock's name is attached to it.

Go a full size down

These shoes performance wise are amazing. The sizing is a little weird. I wear a 10 in the under armour hovr run line I went down to a 9.5 and I could definitely go down to a 9. Even though the shoes are a little big I’ve really enjoyed them and if they’re still available will definitely buy again in a size 9.