Erkek UA Qualifier 9" Dokuma Şort

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179,90 TL 239,90 TL
Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
    • Renk: Navy (410)
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Beden Rehberi
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek UA Qualifier 9" Dokuma Şort

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Ürün DNA’sı

  • Loose: Tam anlamıyla konfor için daha bol bir kesim
  • Ultra-hafif, esnek dokuma kumaş üstün hareket kabiliyeti sağlar
  • Nem Aktarma Sistemi teri uzaklaştırır ve hızlı kurur
  • Gizli elastik bel bandı ve iç kordon
  • File el cepleri
  • İç Dikiş: 23cm
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported


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Kurucumuzun hayalini kurduğu orijinal inovasyon. Bu süper nefes alabilen kumaş, teri yok ederek ve vücut sıcaklığınızı düzenleyerek, her zamankinden daha serin, kuru ve hafif hissetmenizi sağlar.

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Kötü Mükemmel

thin and light.

These shorts are really nice and multiple functional. I wear them for runs, hikes, and around the house. Great summertime shorts.

problematic pockets

I looked for a new favorite pair of shorts forever, and I bought a few of these. A week later, I had 10 pair to cycle. They breathe well, move well, and fit well. I'm not a fan of the mesh pockets though. My wallet gets stuck pulling out a lot. My wallet rubbing the mesh also seems to be tearing up my shorts. About a month in, swapping between them all, I started noticing a bit of fuzz. Now I have to get my wife's sweater shaver almost every time I wear them or the little fuzzies bother me when my hand brushes the material. I expect better from higher priced name brand shorts. My old cotton shorts from back in the day didn't tear up like this. They're great for workouts, but I question them for daily wear.


Ürün gayet kaliteli ve görünümü de güzel. Beden olarak olması gerektiği gibi.

Great shorts!

These shorts are extremely light and comfortable. I wear them to workout and run. The 9" inseam is perfect. I'm 6'3 and they sit just right on my thighs. My only small gripe with them is that the pockets are a little deep for my liking.

Excellent Shorts

I'm 6'4" 215 lbs athletic and these shorts are awesome. Purchased them a couple months ago and use them twice per week. Very light weight when running, and I barely notice them while lifting. When squatting, I really appreciate that they travel up and down my leg without catching at the top or bottom. Normally I'd need extra short length for this result, but these are plenty long and perform well. Best shorts I've owned so far.

Best gift ever

I bought this for my husband as his Christmas gift and he loves it. He’s a 32-34, so i sized down to a M just in case. The shorts are a little loose on him. He’s kept them since he’s bulking. I small would have been perfect for him, he’s 6’4, weighs 200, with a 34 waist.

Sizing is a problem.

Hate to give a bad review but sizing if this shorts is a problem. I normally buy size small when purchasing shorts and in this case small feels like tow sizes too big.

Kesinlikle alınmalı!

Kullanilan kumaş çok konforlu.her koşulda rahat edilir.under armour un bazi urunkerinde kalip beden sorunu yasanabiliyor fakat bu urunun boyu ve kalibi standartlarda.

Beware of quality

Owned these for less than two months and have already fallen apart. Very disappointing. Would like to post a picture but for some reason I can't on my phone.

Nice shorts!

These shorts are extremely lightweight and are the perfect length. I hope to purchase more!