Erkek UA Rival Fleece Eşofman Altı

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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek UA Rival Fleece Eşofman Altı

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Meet your new favorite warm-up pants for pretty much everything you do. These are men's sweatpants with pockets that are light, comfy, and are super-soft on the inside.
  • Loose: Tam anlamıyla konfor için daha bol bir kesim
  • Normal ağırlıktaki çok yumuşak pamuk karışımlı polar, fırçalanmış iç yüzeyiyle ekstra sıcaklık sunar
  • Gizli elastik bel bandı dış kordonludur
  • Açık el ceplerine ve çıtçıtlı arka cebe sahiptir
  • İç dikiş: 80 cm
  • Dokuma yama logoludur
  • Düz bacak kesimine sahiptir
  • %80 Pamuk/%20 Polyester
  • İthal edilmiştir

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Great fit

These sweats are comfortable and a great fit. They look good enough to wear as everyday pants yet durable enough to handle a crazy workout.

Very comfortable Fleece pants

I am not someone who tends to wear sweat pants when at home, but now that I have been working from home more often, they are the most optimal. I had the fleece sweater that matched these pants and wanted to give the pants a try. These pants are thin, keep relatively cool due to the light fleece material, and they are loose and very comfortable to lounge or do light to moderate workout in. . I would highly recommend if your looking for an everyday set of pants to wear around the house.

Can anyone make sweatpants that aren't skinny jean

Hate them. Too tight on the legs. I don't don't know how people can enjoy these

Softest, Most comfortable ever

I bought these for around the house comfort, rather than wearing pajama bottoms. Now I wear them daily. I need some other colors, but not enough are offered.

Fits great!

I bought this for my husband and it fits great. He’s very happy!

Quality Issue

My wife ordered these for a Christmas present. I washed/wore them once and the inside seam on the leg is already separating. I can understand normal wear and tear due to repeated use but I've only had them two days. I own a considerable amount of UA products and just ordered more recently but for the cost compared to other brands, I'm starting to rethink my decision. "Add Photo" isn't allowing me to submit photos but I'll be happy to forward any photos on to customer service should they decide to address my concerns.

Love them

They are great. Soft material. Comfortable. Pockets. Ready to donate my old sweat pants!

Really nice material

I’m impressed with these well-made items. Great all-around.

Men's UA Rival Fleece Pant Review

Love the light weight, warm feel of these sweat pants. Most important they have a rear pocket! Limited number of UA sweats have the rear pocket ... we need more! The fit is great, but I have not washed them yet. These are keepers for sure!

Great fit and feeling!

Absolutely recommend, for workout, casual outing and home.