Erkek UA RUSH™ Run Kısa Kollu

Ürün Kodu # 1331741
Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
Erkek UA RUSH™ Run Kısa Kollu
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
Erkek UA RUSH™ Run Kısa Kollu

Ürün DNA’sı

Under Armour RUSH™, performansı artırdığı kanıtlanan minerallerle güçlendirilmiş yenilikçi kumaşlardan üretilen yeni bir antrenman ekipmanı serisidir.
  • Fitted: Vücudu sıkmadan dar olabilen kesim
  • Mineralle güçlendirilen kumaş, vücudunuzun yaydığı enerjiyi emip dokulara ve kaslara geri yansıtarak dayanıklılığı ve direnci artırır
  • File paneller stratejik havalandırma sağlar
  • Koku giderme teknolojisi kokuya neden olan mikropların üremesini engeller
  • Düşük profilli yaka yapısı rahatsızlık vermez
  • Şekillendirilmiş, düşük bel kısmı daha fazla koruma sağlar
  • Celliant'tan güç alır
  • Gövde: %82 Polyester/%18 Elastan
  • File Paneller: %90 Polyester/%10 Elastan
  • İthal edilmiştir

Yorum Özetİ

4 Yorum

Fit leaves much to be desired

At first glance I absolutely fell in love with the silt brown coloured one so I placed an order and got a great deal considering regular price. The shirt absolutely looks and feels premium and I hope they make more shirts in this silt brown colour as it looks totally manly and premium. The only reason I am giving it 3 stars is because I hated the fit. The sleeves, although a little long, are an acceptable length. The length of the overall shirt itself, however, was way too short for my good taste, barely scrapes the waistline so it’s uncomfortably short. I don’t run so maybe running shirts are intended to be shorter? But...the description does say “dropped shaped hem for enhanced coverage” which leads you to think it’s on the longer side but my experience was that it was more on the “boxy” square side. Anyways, I am 5’10 175lbs and always wear large in all UA tshirts so I know I don’t need an XL because the sleeves are already long enough; they run to the end of the elbow which is a little longer than I’m used to. Really wanted to like this shirt! UA are great with returns so I know this will be quick and easy! Hope to see more shirts of this colour in the future!

Almost Great Shirt

I am a casual runner but I mostly wear this shirt to the gym. Overall quality seems great. I have typically struggled with UA sizing as I am usually a slimmer fit (about 150lbs, 5'8) and need to buy a UA small. This time I bought a medium and the shirt fit almost perfect. My only fit issue is that I find the sleeves are a little tight and tend to ride up while lifting. However, my BIGGEST complaint is that the fabric seems to "show" some texture in a way that is not good (i.e. you can see a little more than you'd like if it's cold in the gym). Of course this probably isn't an issue while running. In terms of performance it's really hard to say if the Rush technology does anything. That being said, I think UA is starting to head in the right direction with it's fit.

Great Shirt!

I never leave reviews for shirts, but I really do love this one. You know how you find that one shirt every few years that fits just right, looks great AND feels comfortable? Well this is that shirt for me! Hoping they release more with this cut/design!

Ran My First Half in This Shirt

This is an incredible comfortable shirt to run long distances in. Besides keeping me cool / dry, I experienced no issues with chafing / clinging and it was the ideal degree of fit. Have been wearing this for each of my long runs so far this spring.