Erkek UA SC 3ZER0 III Basketbol Ayakkabısı

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  • Ağırlık: 340 g
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Kötü Mükemmel

Great hoop shoes

These were on sale but I couldn't be happier. Fit was true. Comfort is very good. Performance is fantastic.

High school Athlete

The shoe is an overall a great performer for the price. Pros: snug fit, color options, amazing tractions(no squeak though), support, lockdown, court feel Cons: shoelace(it get untangles every minute during a game), cushion Shoe is great for guards and those who love court feel and those with fast feet. Shoelace is a huge take away. It gets annoying after tying mid game. Another thing is creases and sweat that falls on the shoe leave a mark. It has an overall great traction, and stability. Go 0.5 size up if you like a little bit of room in the toe area. If you are a big man, I would stay away.


These shoes are a great fit & have a wide toe box for a comfortable walk or run . Lightweight & supportive sole .

Overall performer

Great Shoes. Very solid and structured. I find these have better cushioning than the Curry 6 which I also own. I have worked out in these, ran in these and done hardcore cardio as well. I realize that is not what these were designed to do but in my opinion are an excellent choice. I have other shoes better suited for these activities but I always pick these. Get a pair, you'll love them!

Awesome looking & Very Comfortable

I bought these sneakers for my wife because they looked like they would be very supportive for someone who tore their PCL and MCL. She said the sneaker is very supportive and extremely comfortable to walk in. I bought her the navy blue and gray color since those are her HS colors where she teaches. The navy blue and gray colors male the sneaker really pop. She gets tons of compliments on them.

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An honest review from a D1 basketball player

To begin, I believe this may be one of the most beautiful shoes that under armor have ever come out with. Saying this the beauty sacrificed a lot of the stability. The lower cut shoe was a preferred purchase but when it boiled down to it, the shoe under performed. My reasoning is because : 1) the shoe being low cut allowed the ankle to roll and I’ve gotten two sprains in both ankles when they are not wrapped before games. 2) the shoe runs a bit large due to the long shape but nothing too drastic and the shoelaces MUST be double knotted or else they WILL untie during a game 3) the grip on this shoe seems to lack on the outer edges which is noticed even on nicer hardwood floors when jab stepping Overall, the shoe is beautiful and the color is perfect and has to be one my favorite looking ones. I just wish they could be the best for me overall.