Erkek UA Showdown SL Golf Ayakkabısı

Ürün Kodu # 3021676
999,90 TL
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  • Kaliteli, sırçalı deri üst kısım, yumuşak ve dayanıklı yapısıyla üstün rahatlık sunar
  • 2 Yıllık Sınırlı Su Geçirmezlik Garantisine sahiptir
  • Mantarla kaplanmış kalıplı EVA taban, teri ayaktan uzaklaştırmaya yardımcı olur
  • Çift durometreli orta tabanın daha yumuşak olan topuk kısmı, ayak tabanının gün boyu rahat etmesini sağlar
  • Under Armour Dönüş Dirençli hafif dış taban, ayakkabıyı sabitleyerek tutuş sağlar
  • Çivisiz dış taban, tutuştan ödün vermeden daha hafif ve esnek bir yapı sunar
  • Ağırlık: 337 g
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3 Yorum

Great shoe but...

I have been wearing these for a couple months. Played probably 7 or so rounds. Firstly they are a great looking golf shoe, super comfortable, grip is solid, broke in fast...the only complaint I have is when it is hot out and your foot sweat the cork like material of the inner sole sucks your golf socks down in to the shoe. I had to take my shoes off a couple times per round and reposition my socks. It is the oddest thing. I have never had that problem before and as far as I know my feet are pretty average when it comes to sweating or at least I think so given this is the first time this has happened to me and I have golf for almost 50 years. So I removed the replaced the insole with a more standard insole and voila the problem went away. It is a shame because I like the look of the insole but it is not practical and for a shoe that is not inexpensive I'd much prefer to not have to trade out the insole. It's a shame otherwise I'd buy the other two colors, I like the shoe that much!

Switched from the "Number One Shoe in Golf"

Admittedly, I am a fan boy of your clothes and training gear, but ultimately found your shoes not very comfortable - until last year. My two passions are lifting and golf and while looking for training gear, found a pair of training shoes that were 12.5! Finally! 12.5, you don't know how happy I was. I actually bought two - still the best training shoes I have ever owned. Fast forward to golf season and low and behold, while looking for more training gear I see 12.5 spikeless shoes. First, please keep making 12.5 shoes. Second the platforms are way more comfortable now and I love them. Finally, I walk when I play, carry my bag... these have been great.

Very good spikeless golf shoe.

These shoes fit great and are true to size. Comfortable and good performance on the golf course. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]