Erkek UA Stretch Sörf Şortu

Ürün Kodu # 1290505
Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek UA Stretch Sörf Şortu
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Erkek UA Stretch Sörf Şortu

Ürün DNA’sı

  • Loose: Tam anlamıyla konfor için daha bol bir kesim
  • Under Armour Storm teknolojisi nefes alabilirlikten ödün vermeden su tutmaz
  • Tuza ve klora dayanıklı malzemeler, ürünün suda solmasını ve aşınmasını önlemeye yardımcı olur
  • 4 yöne esneyen yapı her açıdan mükemmel hareket kabiliyeti sunar
  • Koku giderme teknolojisi kokuya neden olan mikropların üremesini engeller
  • UPF 30+ cildi zararlı güneş ışınlarından korur
  • Hızlı kuruyan yapıya sahiptir
  • Güvenli kargo cebinde suyu tahliye eden örme halkalar bulunur
  • Dış dikiş uzunluğu 53,5 cm'dir
  • Astarsızdır
  • 86% Polyester/14% Elastane
  • Imported

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Awesome and comfortable

Nice fit and stretchy material make for a comfortable fit for swimming and hanging out in the hot tub

Best Boardshorts

I've owned most of UnderArmour's boardshorts, and while I'm sad they got rid of the their surf line, these shorts are the best they've made so far. They are strechy enough to allow unimpeded movement when surfing but not too stretchy that they fall off when diving under or getting slammed by a big wave. The drawstring eyeholes and velcro fly area also help to keep everything together moreso than any of the previous boardshorts. UA, bring back your surf line and men's rashguards! I will be buying 2 or 3 more of these boardshorts since Under Armour has a tendency to stop making some of their best products (ex: UA Spine Training shoes)

Legit best boardshorts I own.

My second pair of UA boardshorts, and these are better than the first. The biggest and best difference is the stretch, lots of give to move the legs. Subtle waterproofing added to the material dry really quick, especially out in warm sunny weather. Also love the zipper enclosure to keep in anything you may need to keep on you. Keep in mind these are also great in the gym and walking around with every day, with or without underwear.

Great shorts.

Got these for a Caribbean cruise. its perfectly, good quality.

Very comfortable boadshort

These boadshorts are very comfortable and have just the right amount of stretch. The fit was perfect for what I expected! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


I love how well these fit and feel in and out of the water. They dry very fast as well, great shorts for the beach, or casual. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Nice Boardshorts

These boardshorts are very comfortable. The fit is good and they look great. I love the pocket feature.

Great shorts

Best pair of UA board shorts I own. Stretch of fabric is suttle but perfect for a pair of shorts you want to wear in the water or on the beach. The fit of these shorts was perfect when I used the true fit guide on the website. Bought in cardinal red and turquoise and plan to purchase more. Shorts can be worn all summer cause they don't look like a bathing suit, similar to an amphibious short.

Great Board Short

Really happy with the odd sizes. The 34 was too small and the 36 was too big. I don't remember seeing this in prior years. Nice improvement UA.. Haven't tried in water yet but looks good so far. Like the stretch material.