Erkek UA Threadborne Seamless Uzun Kollu Tişört

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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
Erkek UA Threadborne Seamless Uzun Kollu Tişört
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
Erkek UA Threadborne Seamless Uzun Kollu Tişört

Ürün DNA’sı

Threadborne Dikişsiz giysilerde, tek parça kumaşta çeşitli file havalandırma seviyeleri oluşturmak için gelişmiş bir örgü tekniği kullanılarak tüm vücuda yayılmış nefes alabilirlik sağlanır. Ayrıca, optimal konfor ve uyum için gereksiz malzeme içermez.
  • Fitted: Vücudu sıkmadan dar olabilen kesim
  • En çok ihtiyacınız olan yerlerde özel tasarım file havalandırması bulunan yumuşak örme kumaş
  • Rahatsız edici sürtünmeyi önlemek için neredeyse dikiş kullanılmayan yapı
  • 4-yollu streç üretim yöntemi her yönde mükemmel hareket özgürlüğü verir
  • Nem Aktarma Sistemi teri uzaklaştırır ve hızlı kurur
  • Koku giderme teknolojisi mikroplara neden olan koku oluşumunu önler
  • Polyester/Nylon
  • Imported

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23 Yorum

My favorite Fabric. Much better than Polyester!

I love the fact that the fabric is breathable and light weight.

Love !! LOVE !!! This shirt !!!!

My title says it all... I really love this shirt!!!

Best shirt I own!

This is by far the best shirt I own. I picked one up at UA outlet and I'm ready to buy 10 more. It works in the heat, it works in the cold. It's just the right weight. Little loose for a "fitted" shirt, but I don't mind. And the sleeves are a little long, but again, manageable. I run in this shirt, train in this short; I feel like I could even swim in this shirt. If you had to buy one great piece of equipment/clothing in your life, this shirt is it. Off to buy more...

These are simply amazing performance shirts!

They perform great and look great! The vented areas are functional without sacrificing protection. Thin and light and not too tight. However, they still fit well enough to compliment the contours of your body. I read others who said the sleeves were long but they fit me perfectly. All in all a cutting edge shirt showing me that Under Armour isn't resting on their laurels. I bought four of them!

Solid work out shirt

First off the colors are pretty cool as they are a little gradient. I am 5’10 205 i ordered a large and fits perfect. Its a very well made shirt as the fabric seems to be a little tougher then the dri-fits. I really like the shirt however it is a tad loose at the bottom but not enough to not buy ...

Beautiful color shirts

At first, the color was very pretty. I bought this shirt, expecting polyester fiber to fit me very comfortably. The forecast was right. This shirt satisfies almost all leisure activities as well as daily life.

Awesome workout layer

Best long sleeve shirt purchased to date. Fits absolutely perfect. Releases hot air but keeps the cold air away. Sweat seems to just disappear. Great for hanging around the house too.

Awesome workout shirt

This is a great workout shirt, comfortable and performance wise. I went back and bought another one for the money you simply cannot beat it

Very nice shirt!

LOVE this shirt! The length of the shirt shrunk a little bit after the wash, so it is not as long as I liked it before I washed it. The sleeves however still a little long (they go two inches past my wrist, cover almost half of my hand). Would be cool if they have thumb holes with the sleeves being extra long I am 5'11", 190 lb and ordered a large for reference

This is a very high quality shirt

Of all the UA products I bought, this is probably the most technologically advanced. This product appears to dissipate even more heat than the UA Tech line. However, to Quality Control at UA: please review and look into the seams at the armpit area. In both the long sleeve and short sleeve versions of this Threadborne Seamless line, there are a few threads that were "loose", even when brand new (pulling these "loose" threads will unwind a long thread of fabric!). This happens in both L/S and S/S so I think it may be a manufacturing issue. May be it is just this batch of L/S and S/S shirts but please review at the manufacturing level so that the quality of the shirts won't be affected. Otherwise very, very high quality shirt.