Erkek UA Toccoa Koşu Ayakkabısı

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Erkek UA Toccoa Koşu Ayakkabısı
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Ürün DNA’sı

  • NÖTR: Esneklik ile yastıklama arasında ideal dengeye ihtiyaç duyan koşucular içindir
  • Üst kısım, hafif ve dayanıklı deri ile nefes alabilen ve sağlam ripstop kumaş kombinasyonundan oluşur
  • Dahili örgü sistemi yapı ve destek kazandırır
  • Kalıp kesim tam boy EVA tabanlık, ekstra rahatlık ve kişiye özel uyum sağlar
  • Yastıklamalı EVA orta taban hafiftir ve hareketlerinize tepki veren bir koşu deneyimi sunar
  • Aşınmaya karşı son derece dayanıklı kauçuk dış taban deseni dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 8 mm
  • Ağırlık: 300,5 g

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Kötü Mükemmel

Great fit and comfort

Size 8 & fit just right. I wouldn’t consider these a running show unless you prefer a flat shoe, which I do but don’t run. I’ve logged many miles walked weekly as well as many hours with heavy workouts. I did see some material breakdown on the sides where the ball of the and toes flex when walking but nothing further than that. These are my everyday shoes for work and play. Even though I’m excessively hard on them, these have held strong for well over a year. I’ve have several other UA sneakers that have all lasted a very short time & the soles have pulled away from the show but these have held strong. I would definitely buy another pair!


I love the shoes and the stuff that I bought from this store

Color is much lighterRick .

Color is much lighter is more a light grey not dark Grey like in the pictures

Size is a problem.

I ordered size 9.5, this is my size for many years. I couldn't get my foot into the shoe. way too small.

Ten times again

This is the absolute best shoe I’ve ever owned. Please bring other similar options.

Best UA Sneakers

These are the best sneakers I`ve ever owned. I have a pair of each color scheme that was available and if UA decides to never stop making these, I'll probably order more. It's just that good. - My foot is physically 10 inches long when measured, and I wear a Toccoa 11.5 so you need to put a good amount of room for these to fit properly. This is found across UA shoes, always pick a bigger size. - This is an everyday shoe and should not be used for hiking or punishing activities. I would not do sports in these shoes, they are more for show and everyday use. - I wish they made these in 2E, then it would be a perfect 10.

Awesome Shoe

Excellent quality. Dont run but they are an excellent all around shoe. Very pleased with my purchase. Have older Under Armour shoes that have lasted 4 yrs. I'm sure these will last like the others. Keep up the good work.

Comfortable fit!

My very first UA shoes and didn't know what to expect. I am quite surprised how comforatble it is for the price. I don't run but I do a fair bit of walking around and I go to bootcamps. And so far I am impressed. I have had this shoes for 2 weeks. I can't compalin about the build quality for now. But it seems to holding up with whatever I activity I use it for. Would definitely looking at UA shoes from now on. This has definitely got my attention.

Has been a life saver

Ok so originally got these because they were on sale and I like the grip on the bottom but I never knew they were going to be a godsend I had surgery on my kne a few days ago and these shoes are the only ones I wear outside with my crutches it gives me added comfort and protection has helped me tremendously with my limited mobility

poor quality

Black shoelace loop fell apart from poor stitching after 1 month. I had to use my eyelet punch plier to make a hole for the lace instead.