Erkek UA Unstoppable /MOVE Kapüşonlu Üst

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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
    • Renk: Black (001)
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
Erkek UA Unstoppable /MOVE Kapüşonlu Üst

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Ürün DNA’sı

  • Fitted: Vücudu sıkmadan dar olabilen kesim
  • Pürüzsüz ara polar yapının iç kısmındaki hava cepleri nefes alabilirlikten ödün vermeksizin daha fazla sıcaklık hapseder
  • Çift örgü yalıtım panelleri yumuşaktır ve çok yönlü koruma sağlar
  • 3 panelli derin kapüşon elastik kenarları sayesinde sabit durur
  • Pens detaylı ergonomik kollarda dirsek eklemi bölgesi geliştirilmiştir
  • İç kısımdaki askı halkası sayesinde kolayca asılabilir
  • Yarı elastik manşetler düz durmasına rağmen ihtiyaç duyulan esnekliği sağlar
  • Yanda fermuarlı, emniyetli gizli cepleri bulunur
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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5 Yorum

Excellent quality lightweight hoodie. recommend

Excellent quality hoodie and is also lightweight. It is true to it's size as I am 6'2 with a Slim build it does fit a bit snugger then most other hoodies as I have others from Under Armour but it is very comfortable to wear and is very breathable. When I was first trying it on after receiving it I thought it would have been a little to small but after I got my head through the top and my hands through the cuffs it evened out and it fits like a glove. I am also wearing crew utility undershirts in a med from 5.11 tactical I have 8x of them so you can wear an undershirt under it to. Highly recommend.

Doesn't Fit Over Head!

I could not rate it due to not even being able to put it ion. Gave this to my son for Christmas. He loved it, but tried many different ways to put it on over his head. He could not get it to go over his head. I know it is designed for a snug fit around the neck, but what's the point if it doesn't even fit over the head to begin with. I even ordered a L instead of a M, which he usually wears. Sadly, returning it.

This product is great!!

I just received my hoodie in the mail and I gotta say it keeps you super warm. This hoodie fit me perfectly in every way except it is a little difficult for me to pull my head out of when removing the hoodie so keep that in mind. The only other problem I have had is that some of the fabric seems to be loose when I received the product so I’m not sure how it’ll fare in the wash over the next years. Although this I do not mind because it is keeping me warm which is the intended function.... overall great product!!


This would be my first review on Underarmor’s website. I received this a couple of days ago and it’s extremely warm. The hood fit you head perfectly and the way the shoulders is designed it allows the shirt to trap warmth underneath and keeps you warm. All you have to do is wear an Underarmor vest and you’ll be good to go.

15 year old loves it!

My son is in love with this hoodie! He never cares about clothes, but he was seriously raving about this sweatshirt. Worth it!