Erkek UA Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip Tactical Bot

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  • Hafif, dayanıklı sentetik deri ve yenilenen kumaş üst kısma sahiptir
  • Orta kısımdaki yan fermuar sayesinde kolayca giyilir
  • Under Armour ClutchFit™ bilek destek sistemi, bileğin şekline uyum sağlar ve en çok ihtiyaç duyulan noktalarda destek sunar
  • TPU burun ek koruma sağlar
  • Botun çevresini saran, kaynaklı PU film, aşınmaya dayanıklıdır
  • Kalıplı, antimikrobiyal Orothlite® tabanlığa sahiptir
  • Olağanüstü hafif Micro G™ EVA orta taban gün boyu rahatlık sunar
  • Hafif TPU gövde ayağın orta kısmını destekler ve doğru miktarda sertlik sunar
  • Yüksek tutuş gücüne sahip kauçuk tırtıklı yeni dış taban, çeşitli koşullarda kavrayış sağlar
  • Yükseklik: 17,5 cm
  • Ağırlık: 393 g
  • İthal edilmiştir

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18 Yorum

Almost a great boot

These boots are one of the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. However, they are probably the least durable boots I've ever worn. I bought these boots for my last deployment and wore them everyday for 6 months. About 2 months in the ladies were shredded and the stitching from the protective material on both sides of the toe box was separating. This was a common thing among all of us that had these boots on this deployment. Finally the materially on the outsides if the side walls started to tear as well. In conclusion I give and A+ for comfort and style. Durability in my opinion earns a solid C-

Noise when walking

I have worn these boots for a month now. Initial comfort is great. The complaint I have at this point is they make a lot of noise while walking. No problem if you work in a loud environment, but as a LEO there are times when you want to be quiet. Come on UA! You're better than that!!!

Good boots but not built like Originals

The laces started breaking off and never could get replaced. Also the sides wore down FAST!


These boots are the longest lasting boots I’ve had, they started falling apart after over a year of use. I can still wear them if I wanted to but I chose to purchase a new pair that’s how much I love them!

Sand trap

These boots look and feel great. However I work in sand most days and the boots filled with sand. If I could just dump the sand out, it would be fine, but I can't. The sand somehow fills between the inner lining and exterior of the shoe. The shoe became too small to wear and no way to get the sand out. The only way I found to get the sand was to cut the inner lining. I did not want to do this, but I didn't want to throw away relatively new boots.

Not Comfortable

Right arch is bigger than left. Left booth tight on ankle. This is my 3 pair of tactical boots each pair different styles. First 2 enjoyed not a fan of this style.

Law Enforcement Beware!

I purchased these for use in a prison just basic standing and walking, after six months the tread on the soles was almost completely worn off so it’s almost like wearing roller skates anytime I walk on a wet surface now. Highly recommend anything else

Excellent pair of boots for winter weather

Excellent boot. Perfect for damp cold winter weather. Keeps feet very warm and dry. Very comfortable and light. Rugged tough look to it which is great!

VERY comfortable, but they just don't last

I fell for these boots the minute I put them on, super comfortable, great overall fit, great looks and just very versatile. I used them for regular work duties, nothing hardcore, driving and walking mostly, maybe took them to the range twice. Then they unglued on the sole after 5 months of light use. I feel they should last a lot more then that before something like that happens.

Not sure what happened???

I've been wearing these exact shoes for years. Finally wanted a new pair as I ripped the pull tab off the back of one and ordered on line as our stores have mostly flip flops now. The new tongue design is horrible and digs into your leg. I've enclosed a photo of my old shoes (first photo) and the new ones (second). I sure hope they fix this as I love my old shoes.