Erkek UA Verge 2.0 Mid GORE-TEX®

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  • Nefes alabilen ve %100 su geçirmez olan GORE-TEX® kaplama, her zaman kuru kalmanızı sağlamak için geliştirilmiştir ve yıpranıp aşındıktan sonra bile performans garantisi sunmak için zorlu testlerden geçirilmiştir
  • Hafif, hızlı kuruyan ve nefes alabilen kumaş üst kısma sahiptir
  • Kaynaklı yüzeyler desteği ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • ESS kaya plakası koruma, denge ve olağanüstü destek sunar
  • Yumuşak köpük kullanan, hafif EVA orta taban, hareketlerinize olağanüstü ölçüde tepki verir, optimum yastıklama ve yüksek enerji kazanımı sağlar
  • Michelin® dış taban ve dış tabandaki Wild Gripper tırtık deseni, çeşitli arazilerde mükemmel tutuş sağlar
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 8 mm
  • Ağırlık: 369 g
  • Imported

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Got these boots for a trip to Iceland. THEY WHERE OUTSTANDING. It rained a ton one day and my feet stay dried the WHOLE day. We hike one day though a field of pretty tall wet grass and my feet were very dry the whole time!!! We hiked and walked a ton during the whole trip and they were very conformable and preformed very well. I took them right out of the box and there were great. My only advice is wear high socks with them.... I couldn't wait to get home and write this review.

süper bir ayakkabı

yeşilini aldık, mükemmel konforda bir ayakkabı. her şeyle giyilebiliyor

Great boots!

I used these exclusively for hiking and realized these shoes are way too comfortable and why not use it for work? My job requires me being outside 85% of the time despite the weather and has kept my feet dry. Never had trouble losing my footing on any surface. Also get compliments say how tight these look. Gona buy a fresh pair soon after my old ones served me for a year

Comfortable, water resistant, great walker

Ordered these boots about three months ago and have been wearing them on and off for leisure and light work in various conditions. Have been very impressed with the comfort of the insole and boot, as well as the grip in outdoor conditions. Water resistance is excellent. Have worn them 2-3 times in longstanding heavy rain and they have been great in keeping my feet dry. Only note is that they do not offer much cold-weather resistance so if you're looking for a regular winter boot, make sure you get something with proper insulation. Only complaint has been that the heel section of the inside of the boot has removed/unglued itself from the boot, making the fabric at the back of the boot loose, which has affected the secure feeling of the boot - it feels odd when walking and I wouldn't be surprised if long wear would result in blistering, which is disappointing because they've otherwise been great. I expect it's likely an isolated problem with my boots. Otherwise a great hiker/daily wearer and would recommend. Hoping UA may be able to resolve this issue as they have relatively low travel and are great on all other fronts.

Very, very comfortable

I have been wearing these for two full days inside and out, including snow and slush, and they are extremely comfortable. It should be noted that while they are or seem waterproof, they are not insulated so expect cold feet if you're in winter conditions. While the grip is excellent in snow and ice, they are very slippery on hard surfaces when wet, in my case painted concrete floors where I work, so beware. Other then that, best investment I have made in footwear in a long time.

Not Too Shabby

These are a replacement boot for the Men's UA Infil GORE-TEX® Boots. Those boots only lasted 7 months. I work in corrections so I am on my meet for 16 hours a day pounding the concrete floors and dealing with slippery conditions in cells. So far the Verge has lived up to the hype. They do run a half a size small, so when ordering I highly recommend that you order a half size up. The Verge are very supportive, not as light as the Infil but nothing too noticeably drastic. As with any new boot there is some breaking in period and these are no different. The tread on this boots have lived up to the description I feel like I have a tire on my foot-- excellent for traction.

The fit.

The product that I received might have a defect. Worn on the right foot, it fit perfectly. But the left side, had a little issue. The left front of the shoe was lifting my toe up and pushing it against the top of the inside's front. Wearing the pair, i went thought a day thinking the left side will get seasoned. I even moved the left shoe's insole back but i still had the same issue. After wearing it for two weeks, i still had the same issue. Hence, I decided to return the pair. Since the right side fits only, I must say that its comfortable, fits like a glove, the sole is grippy, light and water proof. The shoes laces doesn't untie itself when its tied. Just that the pair i received might be defective.

Breathable, Lightweight, High Traction.

Bought these boots just prior to a week-long hiking trip in Olympic National Park. They performed well on multiple surfaces (gravel, dirt, sand), and held traction even in wet conditions. Although the performance was superb, the best part of these boots is their weight and comfort. They feel light like basketball shoes and didn't cause any foot pain during the ~50 miles hiked. I recommend these boots for any type of hiking, especially those with uneven surfaces and/or inclines. Looking for my next excuse to put them on.

Sizing & Comfort

Before you purchase, understand what type of foot you have. If you have a wide foot, these are not the boots for you. Narrow feet only. Also, these boots are hard. There is little to no cushioning. Other than that they are a great looking boot.

Comfy and Effecive

I bought these boots because I always have the worst time at festivals with regular shoes, and I have began to hike a lot more. Let me start out with this, I COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE!!!!! I wore these boots for 4 days of constant walking, jumping around (at Lightening In a Bottle) and I was absolutely comfortable and able to walk for longer than the previous festivals I attended last year. I did end up buying boots that were a half size larger than normal, which ended up being the right call. I can wait to rock these boots in Yosemite and Big Sur this summer as well! Do yourself a favor and grab these boots! Great Job on the product Under Armour!! Keep up the good work!!!