Kadın UA Fly Fast Kapri

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389,90 TL
Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Compression
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Compression
Kadın UA Fly Fast Kapri

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Taytların sıkılığı tam kararında olmalıdır. UA Armour Fly Fast'in yapısı, bunu ve daha fazlasını sunuyor. Vücudunuzun şeklini alıp sizi destekleyen, yumuşak, hızlı kuruyan kumaş, vücudu saran yapısıyla güzel görünür ve antrenmana uygundur.
  • Compression: Ultra dar kalıp, ikinci bir deri hissi verir
  • Çok hafif HeatGear® kumaş, ağırlık yapmadan üstün koruma sunar
  • Malzeme ter tutmaz ve çok hızlı kurur
  • Koku giderme teknolojisi kokuya neden olan mikropların oluşumunu önler
  • Nefes alabilirliği yüksek file paneller fazla ısıyı dışarı atar
  • İç kordona sahip, geniş ve düz bel bandı giysiyi sabit tutar
  • Bel bandının arka iç kısmındaki dahili saklama cebi telefon taşımaya uygundur
  • Yansıtıcı logolara sahiptir
  • İç dikiş: 42,5 cm
  • %77 Polyester/%23 Elastanİthal edilmiştir

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I ordered these a couple months ago and have gone on several runs with them. I just now realized they have a pocket in the back. My bad! They DO run small. I usually fit into size small with running pants. These I had to return for medium, which is still a bit snug pulling on. However I do have a larger behind.

Cute color but shows every sweat mark !

I bought these to workout in AZ heat- the description was encouraging but I cannot wear these out in public! Also went a size up and they were still super tight!

True Fit sizing wasn’t true to me

I like the color, design and material. But the sizing just doesn’t fit my athletic, muscly build. I used the True Fit sizing feature, but still no dice. The leggings fit comfortably at the waist, but unflattering right in the hips and thighs.

Great capris, probably better in black

These capris are exactly what I was looking for-light weight with a useful drawstring and sizeable back pocket. I am able to put my phone and keys in the back pocket so I don’t carry anything on my runs. The only downside is that I chose to go for a “fun” color. They show ALL sweat, everywhere. I’ve never had athletic wear show that much sweat. I love these capris, but if I had to go back I’d get black.


There is NO way they were the size I ordered! I couldn’t get them on! They will be returned!

Not great if you sweat

This color is bad if you do HIT or spinning as shows very visible crotch sweat which is quite embarrassing & makes me not want to wear I’m a big fan of UA but really need to watch colours and material

Good running pants

My only dislike about these pants is that they show excessive sweating in the groin area. It's pretty embarrassing. I got the pink ones, maybe the black ones aren't as bad. I just think for that kind of money it shouldn't even be an issue. Otherwise the fit and comfort is great!

WAYYY Too Small

I bought a Medium, my typical size (I am a Jeans size 6) and I couldn't even get these over my thighs.

Way too small!

I love UA. I’ve bought things from them before in size small. I could not even get these running tights up past my mid thigh they were so small! Crazy, maybe they were mismarked and should have been xs? The tag said small though. I sent them back

Exactly what they're designed for

The Fly Fast Capri has just enough rise, and compression to stay put during quick movements and agility exercises, and the material is light and breathable for when you start to really warm up and start to sweat. I bought these capris b/c although I'd love to wear shorts in Boot Camp and HIIT classes, no one wants to see my butt when we have to kick our feet up in the air or do squats! I'm 5'8" 140# and the small is perfect. Unfortunately, the hushed pink color is a very washed out color on medium white skin (they look a little darker in the photo online) and I will be returning them, hoping for some better color options in the future. Love these, just not the hushed pink on me.