Kadın UA HOVR™ Machina Koşu Ayakkabısı

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Pebax® itiş plakasının hızını ve Under Armour HOVR™ teknolojisinin yumuşaklığı ile enerji kazanımını sunan bu ayakkabı, aynı zamanda koşu koçunuzdur. Adımlarınızın uzunluğunu, ritmini ve temposunu takip edip sizi gerçek zamanlı olarak yönlendirmesi için ayakkabılarınızı UA MapMyRun™ uygulamasına bağlayın. Koşmak artık daha kolay.
  • NÖTR: Esneklik ile yastıklama arasında ideal dengeye ihtiyaç duyan koşucular için tasarlanmıştır
  • Under Armour HOVR™ teknolojisi, her adımda darbe etkisini ortadan kaldırmaya yardımcı olan enerji kazanımını korumak için "sıfır yer çekimi hissi" sağlar
  • Basınçlı file Energy Web, Under Armour HOVR™ köpüğü muhafaza edip şekillendirerek enerji kazanımı sağlar
  • Özel olarak geliştirilmiş file üst kısım, üstün hız sunmak için olağanüstü hafif ve nefes alabilirdir
  • Dış topuk dolgusu dengeyi artırır ve ayağı sabitler
  • Sprint ayakkabılarından ilham alan Pebax® hız plakası, enerji kazanımı ve daha güçlü kalkışlar sağlar
  • Darbe etkilerine en çok maruz kalan bölgeleri kaplayan sert kauçuk dış taban, ağırlığı azaltırken dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Topuğun altındaki karbon kauçuk bölmeler, tutuşu ve darbe etkilerine en çok maruz kalan bölgelerin dayanıklılığını artırır
  • Yansıtıcı ayrıntılara sahiptir
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 8 mm
  • Ağırlık: 246,5 g
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Kötü Mükemmel

Nice, but not for over-pronators

Shoe had nice footbed, comfortable, but not for this over-pronator, not enough arch

best shoe ever

most comfortable shoes I own. I am hooked. On my feet all day working in physical therapy. Love love this shoe. Fors perfect. Walking on air. Amazing workout shoe as well


VERY DISAPPOINTED, I ordered my size and all, I used them because I thought it was about giving it a few hours or maybe a couple of days to get use to them and that they get loose on my feet, you know, new shoes thing. But NO, never happened, it is sad that such a good shoe has this unwearable issues. Because your feet get so trapped that they get in pain at some point. Now, personally for myself, an interexchange student that makes $200 a week in the USA (yes, there's people like me making that amount of money) is really sad to have spent a week salary on something I won't be able to use, so for me and my pocket is a TREMENDOUS LOSS. The worst part is that I see that UA really don't care about all these comments and mine about the observations and basically real complaints. They just say they will improve it and bla bla... which means nothing because clients loose, the company does not. Anyway, I decided to write this review after months because so that I can be heard somehow, I'll make a YouTube video about it, if you read this THINK TWICE before buying these, the bluetooth technology and coaching caught my attention and the neon fucsia color no other brand has, I decided to make an effort and buy them, now I really regret.


I enjoyed testing out the shoes. I do think that they run a little small and are slightly heavy for long distance runners but are great for a 3-5 mile run. I do also enjoy the personal coach and thought that the times are helpful. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Luxury Comfort

as soon as i tried these on, I knew I had to have them! One step and it is like you are walking on a cloud! I've had them for a couple weeks now. And so in love!


Bu modelden iki farklı renk aldım. Amaca çok uygun, inanılmaz rahat ve çok estetik. Kendini numaranızdan bir numara daha büyük almanızı tavsiye ediyorum.


These shoes are a little heavier than what I am used to but if it is because of the foot bed cushion it is WORTH IT!!! I run/walk outside daily, a minimum of 3 miles per day. Unfortunately the only available path near me is concrete! These shoes have made a huge difference in the feeling of my feet after a run. No sore spots or pain. I have not tried the map my run app as yet but I have used it in the past and found the stride and pace guidance useful.I would definitely recommend these shoes and I am considering getting them in another color!

Best HOVR Product!

I love these shoes, they’re pricy but definitely worth it. They’re extremely comfy and I love the cushion in the tongue. I can’t give it 5 stars though because although I know these are run specific, I like doing mini workouts in between like jump lunges etc. so when doing them the shoe feels like it’s gonna slip off my foot, but like I said I know it’s run specific. Just needs to feel a little more snug on my foot

Life changing!!

This is the best shoes I have ever had. I am a fit person but before I bought my Machinas I could not run more than about 1km without experiencing EXTREME pain in my one knee. I have had my Machinas for 2 months and I use the “map my run” app to log my workouts. It is absolutely life changing because the app guides you while you are running and gives you running tips and advice based on the way you run. The app also has a variety of coaching plans to help you reach your running goals. I am currently doing a plan to help me run 5km. I am so happy to say that I go for a 4km run every single day and I have not experienced any pain for a long time and it is definitely because of the shoes and the app. This was the best purchase of my life!

I wish I could love them.

I have tried so hard to love these shoes. I bought them for distance running because I liked the idea of it tracking my steps and coaching me. It became clear quickly, these shoes are not for distance running. They track my steps great and I do enjoy the coaching. However, I do not enjoy the blisters I get after EVERY run in them. I have the correct size and I have tried thicker socks and thinner socks. The issue is in the way the tongue is attached to the shoe. The piece that connects the tongue to the shoe constantly runs my foot. I've run enough in them to have them broke in but they just aren't working. I give them two stars because the tracking is great and if you are looking for more of a walking shoe then maybe it's the shoe for you but for me I am super dissatisfied.