Kadın UA Project Rock 3 Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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Project Rock antrenman ürünleri sınırlarınızı keşfetmeniz, limitlerinizi zorlamanız için tasarlandı ve koleksiyondaki her bir ürün Dwayne Johnson tarafından onaylandı.
  • Under Armour HOVR™ teknolojisi, darbe etkisini yok etmeye yardımcı olmak ve enerji kazanımı sağlamak için 'sıfır yer çekimi hissi' sunar
  • Basınçlı file Enerji Ağı, içerdiği Under Armour HOVR™ köpüğü şekillendirerek harcanan enerjiyi geri kazandırır
  • UA TriBase™ zeminle teması maksimuma çıkarır, doğal hareket kabiliyetini artırır ve ağırlık kaldırırken kavrayış sunmak için esneklik sağlar
  • Son derece rahat ve dayanıklı olan üst kısım, ihtiyacınız olan yerde denge ve koruma sağlar
  • Ayağınızı sabitlemek için geliştirilen benzersiz bağcık yapısı
  • Rahat bir uyum için geliştirilen örgü yapı
  • Dış topuk dolgusu üstün destek sunar
  • Tam boy kauçuk dış taban, tutuşu ve dayanıklılığı artırır
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 8 mm

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I bought these at the Disney Springs Under Armour location. I’ve been having left foot pain and generally need extra support (like a foot pad). These shoes were so comfortable and supportive that I walked all the Disney Parks in them and never needed the pad I use for support! Def runs small. I did have to go up a 1/2 size.


Very comfortable shoe and true to size. I am a 7 and the fit is perfect. I wear these to the gym especially on leg day when stability and cushion are important.

Love the style...but not as durable as hoped for

I bought these 5 months ago. They have already developed holes in them. I purchase my Under Armour 7 mm Offset training shoes 7 months prior to buying these shoes...and they are still in great shape and are more durable. They are attractive shoes but not as sturdy.

Shoes Falling Apart after 4 Wears

I wanted to like these shoes so much! After I exchanged them for a larger size (they run small), they fit great and I wore them to HIIT classes. After just four workouts, they started falling apart in the toe area, despite the shoes fitting perfect after the intial exchange


Read all the other reviews about the sizing issues so I ordered an eight and a half instead of an eight. To small but they felt awesome. Sent them back last week for an exchange and they showed up today!! Very fast turn around on exchanges!!

Loved but the size

I loved them, but had to return sadly they were too small. Cramped my toes. I planned on getting a 10.5 but now they are sold out. I’m so bummed!!!

Lightweight & great stability

I bought these in store, so I was able to try on before purchasing. This is my first pair of UA shoes, but I wear a sz 10 in every tennis shoe I own. I went with the 10 in these too. I can absolutely see what people mean when they say these run small, but I did not size up. I love how snug they fit - it’s like they’re hugging your feet but do not hurt. My toes are very near the edge, but the top of the shoe is kind of mesh, so it is not uncomfortable. I’ve lifted in these shoes now for a week, and I am super pleased with the comfort & support! I don’t run, so I can’t speak to performance for that, but I’ve lifted heavy and done jumps with no complaints. The heel offers excellent stability for squats & deadlifts, and the toe box is super flexible. I purchased the white and am super nervous to get them dirty, but dang they’re pretty.

Great shoe

So before I purchased the shoes I read the reviews first and read several that the shoe ran small. I’m usually a 6-6.5 in under armor shoes and I decided to size up to a 7. I got the shoes and immediately tried them on, it was a bit snug at first getting the foot in but it was a perfect fit. I’m actually glad I didn’t size larger than a 7 cause I’d have a lot of space to fill in in the toe area. The material itself is made to like hug your foot. It’s not like other shoes we usually always buy.


I wear a Men’s 10.5 in almost every shoe on the planet. Based off the sizing provided by UA, I should wear a 10.5 in this shoe as well. No...I needed an 11, and couldn’t even get the 10.5 on my foot. Men’s sizing runs about a half size too small. In regards to Women’s sizing, they’re running about a full size too small. My wife’s always worn an 8.5 and followed the UA sizing chart as well. She actually needed a size 9.5 because the 8.5 actually fits our 15 year old daughter who wears a 7.5 in women’s. How did proper sizing get overlooked during the quality control and testing process?!?! Aside from this the shoes are well-built, comfortable, and are great product if the correct size is purchased.

Sizing is way off!

I am normally a women's size 10 in trainers and 11 in running shoes with a 10 1/4" long foot. I ordered a size 10 like I normally do and my toe is right at the front of the shoe, way too small. So I check the sizing chart for this shoe...according to this shoe's sizing chart, it says I should be wearing b/w a 8.5 and a size 9. The size 10 didn't even fit, much less a smaller size. Buyer beware, the sizing chart is absolutely no help so you may want to order several sizes in order to find your correct fit. Other than this issue, the shoe seems very solidly built and I love how the laces really secure the shoe to your foot. I do have a very low arch as well, so the arch did cut into my foot noticeably which was uncomfortable.