Kadın UA Recover Sleepwear Tulum

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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
    • Renk: Gray (045)
    • Beden: Ekstra Küçük
    • XS
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Loose
Women's UA RECOVER™ Sleepwear Romper

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Ürün DNA’sı

Kumaşın içinde bulunan desen, kızılötesi enerjisini vücudunuza döndürerek bölgesel kan akışını güçlendirir ve kaslarınıza ulaşan oksijen miktarını artırır. Kaslarınıza ne kadar çok oksijen ulaşırsa kendinizi o kadar iyi hissedersiniz ve kaslarınız o kadar hızlı toparlanır.
  • Loose: Tam anlamıyla konfor için daha bol bir kesim
  • Daha iyi dinlenmeniz ve güç toplamanız için gelişmiş bir uyku sistemi oluşturduk
  • Kumaşın içinde bulunan desen, kızılötesi enerjisini vücudunuza döndürerek kaslarınızın daha hızlı toparlanması için bölgesel kan akışını güçlendirir ve kaslarınıza ulaşan oksijen miktarını artırır
  • Yumuşak örgü kumaş hafif ve rahattır
  • 4 yöne esneyen yapı her açıdan mükemmel hareket kabiliyeti sunar
  • Malzeme ter tutmaz ve çok hızlı kurur
  • Gizli elastik bel bandı çok yumuşak ve esnektir
  • Açık el cepleri bulunur
  • Çapraz sırt askısı ayrıntılıdır
  • Bacak kesimi 2 katmanlı dar paçalıdır
  • İç dikiş: 69,5 cm
  • Celliant'tan güç alan ürünlerin bölgesel dolaşımı artırarak iyileşmeyi hızlandırdığı FDA tarafından saptanmıştır
  • 75% Polyester/19% Modal/6% Elastane
  • Imported

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11 Yorum

Love the comfort!

This romper is so cute! It fits well and is a delight to wear around the house all day long. It’s cool and comfy. I came back to Under Armour to order another in a different color, though no other colors. I hope they make more soon. This is my go to relax from a long day of work, long work out, relax the weekend away or just want to be comfy outfit!! Buy it!

Sized up and straps were main issue.

I know that UA tends to run large on me, often finding a size small top big (and I am not a small person) and medium in tights to be a bit baggy. I'm a 6/8 as a 71kilo weightlifter int the legs and back. I definitely would have ordered a Medium, but it was out of stock so I got a Large because the style checks a lot of boxes for me. It fits fine, but you can tell it's a little bit big for me. The largest area is the straps let the top sit loose. Basically, all I am doing is folding the straps and sewing them to take about 3 1/2" of length off them, and it fits much better like the photo. The crisscross back makes that still very easy to put on/off with shorter straps... but I still think the same issue would happen with the medium. It's a little baggy on me, but it's not unwearable. I am not a stranger to enhanced recovery clothing. While it's not an enormous difference, but when you train really hard 5 days a week like me, the bit of a 10% or so difference when you wear it multiple times a week really, really helps. The fabric is lightweight and seems like it will serve me well both in winter and summer.

Amazing line

Hesitant to purchase pj’s for this much money, but did so and couldn’t be happier with the product. Fit is perfect. Max comfort. Will definitely buy more from the athlete recovery line!

Want to buy another

I bought this at first because I really just liked the style of it, but I LOVE it. I wish they had more colors because I would definitely buy another one. It’s super comfy and it’s long enough to not look like waders on me at 5’10. It does run a bit on the baggier side so if you like a slimmer fit I would order a size down.

Black pls

I love this romper! I am 5’2, 120 and a small fits perfect. It’s great around the house and I would buy another if it came in black. That would make it more dressed looking for when you want to wear it for traveling.

Women's Athlete Recovery Sleepwear Romper

The clothing is very comfortable for my wife and she has always been a person that usually has difficulty sleeping. Since she has been wearing it she has felt more relaxed and comfortable when falling asleep and during the entire night. She was initially worried about the romper design but finds it easy to manipulate if needing to use the restroom in the middle of the night etc. I would buy another for her if more colors were offered.

New sleep favorite

I love this jumpsuit. I needed something that I could sleep in without sweating all night AND wanted something to reduce sore legs after a tough workout. It does such a good job at this. It actually looks pretty cute too. I want more!

So pleased

Really happy with this romper. I actually bought two more after I wore the first one! Soft and comfortable. Not tight - who wants to sleep in compression gear anyway? It keeps your body at a terrific temperature for sleep. Love the pockets. Washes nice. Great for travel when you want to go down for a cup of coffee but you don’t feel compelled to get dressed.

Comfortable and flattering

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Great jumper. Fits as expected and the fabric is super soft. Its great to sleep in even when it was warmer outside because the fabric breaths nicely. I do think it helps with recovery and aids deeper sleep but results are subtle and definitely long term rather than an immediate difference.


[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Lightweight, soft, and relaxed fit. Look forward to wearing and crawling in to bed.