Kadın UA TriBase™ Reign 2 Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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Her zaman çalışıyor ve kendinizi geliştiriyorsunuz. Biz de öyle. O yüzden UA TriBase™ ayakkabının dengeli, üçgen temeline daha büyük bir dış topuk dolgusu, testere dişi desenli daha fazla kauçuk tutuş ve ayağınızı sabitleyecek, esnek örgü üst kısım ekledik. Daha fazla kavrayış ve dayanıklılıla kendinizi daha iyi geliştireceksiniz.
  • Under Armour TriBase™ zeminle teması maksimuma çıkarır, doğal hareket kabiliyetini artırır ve ağırlık kaldırırken kavrayış sunmak için esneklik sağlar
  • Büyük dış topuk dolgusu ve yüksek bilek, dengeyi artırır ve topuğu sabitler
  • Özel olarak geliştirilmiş bölgesel esneklik ve tutuş sunan ayak tarağı, hareket kabiliyetini ve kavrayışı artırır
  • Tam boy Micro G® köpük orta taban, hareketlerinize tepki veren üstün yastıklama sunar
  • Tamamen kauçuk dış taban, yan kısımları sararak dayanıklılığı artırır ve orta kısımdaki ip kavrama bölümüyle aşınmaya karşı dayanıklılık sağlar
  • Burnun altına stratejik olarak yerleştirilen kauçuk, zemini daha güçlü kavrar
  • Zemine yakın yapı, daha fazla his ve güç aktarımı sağlar
  • Topuk-burun farkı: 2 mm
  • Ağırlık: 255 g
  • İthal edilmiştir

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Smooth, Comfortable, and DONT slide down!

I was hesitant to get these to run distance in due to lack of a string. They are PERFECT in ever way way! They don’t budge and not having to tie anything makes life so much easier! Very soft

Perfect Fit

If you have narrow feet, this is the shoe for you, slightly arched feet for my girlfriend and it fits perfectly. if you have wider feet , perhaps get a size up. otherwise you might end up getting cramped feet. Perfect for Burpees, Rope climb.doesnt feel as comfortable for a run, but if youre into calesthenic/ HiiT / Crossfit, This is the shoe to go for

Good shoe for working out

I don’t like these as much as the previous version. I wear them for HIIT workouts and struggle with heel stability in them. They have so much padding in the heel area, almost too much. They are very lightweight, and the material is flexible and breathable. The lacing pattern is a little more complicated than it needs to be. Construction seems durable, I’ve only had them a week. The sole has lots of cushioning and is very comfortable. I’m undecided about the collar/tongue material. It’s quite tight, and clingy. I prefer a thicker sock (and always wear socks), and sometimes it causes the sock to bunch. I love Under Armour shoes because the toe box is wide. I’m sure I’ll grow to like them as much as the old style Tribase.

Shoes received knee pain

I began doing aerobic workouts on the daily when the pandemic took over. I was doing the workouts in my running sneakers-after a few weeks I developed throbbing knee pain. After doing some online diagnosing I came to realize I need cross training shoes. Searches showed up minimal-until I found these shoes. I ordered them in my normal sneaker size in the black with dusty purple colors. They arrived quickly and to my surprise after my first workout in them my knee pain was gone. Just like that-these shoes are awesome. I’ve continued to wear them everyday only for my workout and they have held up and support the high arches in my feet. I’d highly recommend them as a ‘cross training’ sneaker.

My Forever Trainer

I read the reviews on these trainers and decided to give them a shot. No doubt, that this was the best decision I could’ve made. They fit great and feel pretty comfortable even when I do my HIIT workouts. I also regularly deal with Plantar Fasciitis and I know the types of trainers I’ve used in the past has contributed to the constant pain that I felt on the daily basis. I have to say that my pain has pretty much been nonexistent since I’ve bought these trainers and I can only hope that they continue to make this line.

Perfect training shoe

This shoe is perfect for my crossfit workouts. It's a very comfortable shoe that feels great on my feet. I'll definitely buy again.

Love the shoe but sole is falling apart

I love the shoe for CrossFit! Very sturdy and comfortable. However I have only had a couple months and the sole is separating from the bottom of the shoe - disappointing. I only wear them at the gym. I keep in my gym bag and wear other shoes to and from the gym. I have a fiend who recommended them and is having exact same issue unfortunately. I would recommend if this issue getS resolved.

Soles started to rip apart after 2 months

Received these as a gift in February for crossfit workouts. Didn't get to use much until gyms reopened in late but they quickly became my favorite croasfit shoes - great stability and fabulous for rope climbs. Unfortunately the sole started to rip apart after just 2 months of use. While I'd love to get a replacement pair, I can't justify spending this kind 9f money for a pair of shoes that lasts just a couple of months.

The shoes I never knew I needed

I’ve always used just a basic running shoe for all of my workouts. Never saw the point in getting training shoes. I decided to just go for it and see if they made any difference and they 100% do. They’re great for jump roping, cycling, and any form of leg exercises. Gives me a greater sense of balance, especially when doing squats. I wear an 8.5 in pretty much every brand and that’s what I went with and they could not fit better!!

Reign 2 fan for life!!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I absolutely love my Reign 2’s! The “sock-like” top is so comfy and secure holds tight even during sprints and box jumps. Toe box is nice and wide and the bottoms are secure and stable for Olympic lifting. I used to exclusively wear Redbox Nano’s but I have definitely been converted to Under Armour’s Reign 2s!! I cannot wait to buy my next pair. True to size for me!