Kadın UA Warp Knit High Spor Sütyeni

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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
Kadın UA Warp Knit High Spor Sütyeni
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Yükseklik: Beden: Kalıp: Fitted
Kadın UA Warp Knit High Spor Sütyeni

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Ultra dayanıklı, olağanüstü destekleyici, aynı zamanda çok da rahat. Bu sütyen, yüksek destek gerektiren aktiviteler için yeni vazgeçilmeziniz olacak.
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Good but difficult to do up at the back

Very hard to attach the clasps at the back fyi. But it's definitely sturdy and good for running.

I'll love this bra once I get it in the right size

I measured myself at the widest part of my chest (34") and right where the under-band sits (30" to 31") and ended up getting a size 32B. Size 32B feels a bit too small, but I could see this bra being very comfortable and supportive if I had gotten it in the right size. I definitely should have gotten a 32C or 34C. (This was an online order, as I was unable to try one on in-store.) The clasp at the back makes it easier to put the bra on (compared to some sports bras that don't have a clasp and you have to struggle to get the band past your head).


Love the bra. Not a fan of the padding but still love it.

Spor için ideal

Renginde biraz hayalkırıklığı yaşadım. Sayfada bordo gibi göründüğü için seçmiştim ama pembe çıktı. Ama toparlamasi,duruşu ve rahatlığı ile renginin hayalkırıklığını unutturdu. Tavsiye ederim.

Best Sports Bra Ever! Fit & Support!

This is my favorite sports bra. It doesn't loosen up while running! I wear a 32DD regular bra (5'5", 110 lbs, 10-12% body fat). I ordered a 32D in this and it fits perfectly! I usually have a very hard time finding sports bras that are small enough to fit me around (under my breasts measure 27") AND big enough to fit my breasts while providing needed support during exercise. I wear this while running, to the gym, and to hot yoga. Only drawback is getting it on. I put my arms in first then pull it on over my head, then put my breasts in one at a time lol (just thought this was useful info for other ladies out there!). I want to order another one!

Worst for physical activity!

Bought this for my wife and it was the worst she's ever worn for a run. The bra has supports that came up under her area needing support and rubbed both of them totally raw. It was awful. A week later and still hasn't heeled up. Maybe for someone less endowed it could work but never for running. I hope the other purchase I made isn't like groundhogs day.

Good Bra

This bra is a good sports bra, I’m sure there are many many people who swear by it. I’m not saying they’re wrong, everyone has different preferences and although this one is a little pricey, I do recommend giving it a try!! This one is my go to for HIIT days, or days where I know I will be— quite literally— bouncing around. While it isn’t my top choice, because it is a little less comfortable than other styles I have and I don’t need this stable of a sports bra all the time, it is still definitely a sports bra that every athlete should have at least one of. Also be careful of the cup size you choose while ordering!

A solution for the 2-bra workout

I usually wear two bras -- a regular underwire bra with a pull-on sports-bra over it. This one I think, really works as both of them. It makes you look really good, which is very important. The gel around the underwire is kinda amazing. I wish it was higher in the front provide more support on top -- or more stylish perhaps, add a strap or band. Hard to put on, but these types usually are. I like it. Needs some tweaks but so far Under Armour is the only solution to the 2-bra workout.

Blue is different than green

I bought this in blue and green. The green fits and feels good. The blue not so much. The band rolls and the cups mold too much.

Not quite, but I'll keep it.

Just got this one - I'm fairly happy but not ecstatic after a few hours wearing it. I'll need to continue my search for the best-ever running bra, 'cause this isn't it -- cups aren't that tall and straps are too wide/not-adjustable to contain the top of the boob. But it's a solid medium-high impact good for almost everything else. SIZE: I got a 34DD in this one (usually between 34DD and 36E), as I intended to leave just a little room for the band to stretch. I'm comfortable and 'contained' though it's snug around the band on but that's normal for the size. I'll use a band extender until it stretches or until gym effects start to take. FABRIC/DESIGN: Fabric seems good quality on the back, and the cups are thick enough to retain modesty and keep some boob warmth if skiing or outdoors, but aren't necessarily push-up level padding. FIT? Boob enhancer for sure. They're not exactly up at my chin but they're out and proud while retaining some hourglass shape. The encapsulation/cups are about right for a sport bra -- enough separation that the inter-boob sweat should be minimal. Yeah, it's tough to get into/not graceful to get out of, but I've had worse, and this one's easier to get out of while sweaty than some similar bras I have owned. USE? Would I call it high impact, though? Almost but not really. Even though I feel contained-but-mostly-comfortable, there's some kind of lateral structure or slight compression needed, cause my test in-house jog and jumping jacks aren't fully passing the test, but I get it -- the cups aren't super 'tall' and the straps sit wide, so there's only so much you can do about the rest of the boob that's not covered by bra. RECOMMEND? Yes, but not for everything. It's comfortable and shapely enough for me to wear at work, but mostly this will be for rowing, skiing, hiking, weight training. Just not running.