UA Hustle 4.0 Sırt Çantası

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UA Hustle 4.0 Backpack

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  • Under Armour Storm teknolojisi, hava şartlarına ve suya son derece dayanıklı bir apre oluşturur
  • Ayarlanabilir HeatGear® omuz askıları ekstra rahatlık verir
  • Yumuşak astarlı dizüstü bilgisayar bölmesinde 15 inçe kadar MacBook Pro® modellerini veya benzer büyüklükteki dizüstü bilgisayarları saklayabilirsiniz
  • Su tutmaz iki ön cep, değerli eşyalarınızı güvende tutar
  • Çantanın ön alt kısmında, ek parçalı büyük çamaşır/ayakkabı cebi bulunur
  • Ön paneldeki D şekilli halka ek bir bağlantı noktası sağlar
  • İki yanda su şişesi cepleri bulunur
  • Sağlam alt panel aşınmaya dayanıklıdır
  • Üst taşıma sapına sahiptir
  • Doluyken Boyutlar: 15 cm (G) x 33 cm (Y) x 49 cm (U)
  • Hacim: 26 L
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

Yorum Özetİ

8 Yorum

Love the color!

Great looking product with a good price. I wish it had more divided pockets on the interior for things like glasses, pens, etc. Therefore the 4 star rating

This is great for 6th grade!

I use for school and its perfect. wish it was a little bigger but it works great!

Awesome backpack!

I mainly use it to go to the gym but maaaan, it looks and feels great. Plus all my stuff fit and it’s pretty much waterproof.

Quality is great!

My son chose the green design and it’s even nicer in person but the only thing that I didn’t like is it’s a lot larger than the one we purchased last year (same measurements). But all around great backpack!

This product has a lot of space

I use this backack for school and I have multiple binders, a computer, a textbook, a regular book, small drawstring bag for gym clothes and a pencil pouch that all fits snug in the front two pockets, leaving 2 more extra pockets for small things. The shoe storage is a bit harder to use when the two pain parts are full, but smaller or flatter shoes would be perfect. The side pockets are deep and wide enough to hold various things as well. The straps are very comfortable. Worth the money!

Good features but...

When wearing it with out both straps on what ever books are inside cut into your shoulder/back. Otherwise it has really nice storage and i like the fleece lined pockets to put my phone and things in.

Great gear!

Great for back to school and hold up very well . UA is my go to for backpacks.

Great fit

This bag was a great fit for my daughter who is going to sleep away camp. She was able to fit hiking boots in the bottom, string in the top, a notebook and her bathing suits and so much note in it

Great shower bag

I picked this up to use as a shower bag when I'm out driving a truck over the road. Perfect size, fits my laptop like it was made for it. Also fits a large 24oz polar bottle in both side pockets.

Excellent bag Great price

I had a Herschel bag that was never very good- just one giant hole where everything got mixed up and no place for a water bottle. This bag not only separates things nicely and has two water bottle holders on the sides, but the bottom compartment is great for carrying extra clothes, a larger book, etc. Yes, the compartment is basically a bag that will take away some space from main space, but it's almost not noticeable. One thing, the photo makes the bag look a lot more ovoid in shape than it really is. The shape is just fine. About the only thing I'd add to this bag would be a chest strap for a little better carrying comfort.