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Ürün DNA’sı

Sporcular için üretildi - İhtiyaç duyduğunuz hava sirkülasyonunu sağlayarak yüzünüzde serinlik hissi yaratır, koşu veya antrenman esnasında rahatça kullanabilirsiniz
  • Yüksek performanslı UA kumaşlarından üretildi, tüm gün ve spor yaparken kullanabilirsiniz
  • Özel tasarım sayesinde ekstra rahatlık ve nefes alabilirlik sağlar
  • Suya dayanıklı dış katman pürüzsüzdür ve rahat nefes alıp vermenizi sağlayan kumaştan üretilmiştir
  • İç katmandaki antimikrobiyal yapı yüzünüzde serinlik hissi yaratır
  • Ara katmanda kullanılan poliüretan gözenekli köpük hava geçirgenliği sağlar, ter ve su damlacıklarının giriş çıkışını zorlaştırır
  • İç katman ve kulağa geçirilen kısımda kullanılan kumaş UA Iso-Chill teknolojisi sayesinde yüzünüzde serinlik hissi yaratır
  • Yüzünüzde rahatsızlık hissi vermemek için kullanılan yumuşak ve pürüzsüz kumaş, nemi ara katmana aktarır
  • İç kısımda isminizi veya telefon numaranızı yazabileceğiniz bir alan bulunmaktadır
  • Dış Katman: 100% Polyester | Ara Katman: 100% Poliüretan | İç Katman/Kulağa Geçirilen Kısım: 77% Naylon/23% Spandex
  • İthal edilmiştir
  • Sağlıklı kişilerin günlük hayatta ve spor yaparken kullanması için uygundur
  • Tıbbi veya ameliyatta kullanılabilecek bir maske değildir, virüslere karşı koruma sağlamaz
  • Tüm yüzü kapatabilmek için yumuşak ve ayarlanabilir burun kısmı
  • Esnek kulak lastikleri ve yan paneller kullanım kolaylığı sağlar
  • Sağlam kumaşla üretilen kulağa geçirilen kısımlar, kulağınızda oluşabilecek gerginliği azaltacak ve sürtünmeyi önleyecek şekilde dizayn edilmiştir
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Not a great fit

I will say this first that I love the quality of the material for ALL Under Armour products and that it is a phenomenal brand. When it comes to the mask the material is again very well made and I like the design of the mask. The biggest issue that I was disappointed in was the fit. I originally bought the MD/LG size and when it came in it was too big of a fit for me as it fell down past my nose when I was working out. I realized there wasn’t a return policy so I said ok I will give the mask to my brother and get the SM/MD size for the mask thinking that was the issue. However when I put the mask on now it was a little too small as it didn’t cover my chin all the way. When I went to the gym to lift weights however I found that the mask still continued to slide down under my nose. If there is an improvement I can say it would be to remove the inner material that shapes the mask.

Wish I would have read reviews before purchasing

The material is super soft but way too thick. Also like most all the reviews, the stitching isn’t straight and one ear loop is bigger than the other. We did use the measure guide and it is about accurate but will still not wear due to it looking way to bulky around the nose due to the thin satin piece that is connected to the big bulky mask material. Maybe change it to a similar material as the mask so it doesn’t make the nose area so bulky. Just over all way to bulky and it can not be returned so now I am out money on both of them I purchased. We are have purchased UA products for years and years and just expected so much more quality than what we received.

My favorite mask

Well does purchasing 10 of them say I love this mask??’ I purchased every color. They need to make a project rock one! Great comfort, light weight feels great around!!

under armour sports mask

I love it, only draw back is that I wish that you could adjust the loops. It is mandatory for us to wear a mask for work, I work for a school with at risk and behavioral kids. The mask is very comfortable and I can breath in it. At lunch time its taken off to eat after that back on.

Extremely Uncomfortable

Does not cool, size is too big, ear loop cheap and breaks easy, nose wire is weak and does not stay the way you put it.

Best Mask Ever

So light and comfortable that sometimes I have to check to make sure it’s still on. Never moves out of place. Totally breathable. Barely even touches your face, so absolutely perfect for working out. Love it!

Great sportsmask

I see the other disappointingly reviews and I think its unfair towards the product. Clearly this is not a medical mask. Its for sport activities and slowing the spread of viruses, which I think it accomplishes. Its light, made of great fabric and easy to store and wash. I've used it for up to 60mins on a vigorous stair hike and it never flinched. I also wore it for 30min on a bike ride and had no trouble breathing. Thanks.

Great mask

This mask is super soft and keeps my face cool so that I don't sweat

Best Sports Mask On The Market

Remember this is designed for working out. It’s perfect. I work out for 1 hr a day. No issues.

not suitable for exercise past 10 minute

This product started out good while using the elliptical. It fit nicely and allowed enough air flow that I din't feel would hamper my exercise. After about 15 minutes, I was still breathing fine but the mask started to drop on my face. The mask was actually pushing away from my face with every breath as the moisture was absorbed. The weight of the water absorbed by the mask was pulling it downward instead of staying in place. When I held the mask in place, it was impossible to breath. I was now sucking sweat back out of the mask. I guess two masks will be required for me to get 30 minutes of exercise in. Still the best one I have found for exercise. I will still recommend it until I find one better.