UA Storm Contender Sırt Çantası

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UA Storm Contender Sırt Çantası
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UA Storm Contender Sırt Çantası

Ürün DNA’sı

Wherever you go, your backpack is going with you. Since it’s on your back every day, it needs to be comfortable, super durable, and have enough space to carry ALL of your stuff. With padded shoulder straps, tough materials, and pockets on pockets—this thing checks off everything you need from a backpack.
  • UA Storm teknolojisi hava şartlarına dayanıklı, su geçirmezlik oranı yüksek bir katman içerir
  • Aşınmaya dayanıklı sağlam alt panel
  • Yumuşak astarlı dizüstü bilgisayar gözü —en fazla 15”
  • Eşyalarınızı güvende tutmak için suyu iten ön eşya cebi
  • Ayarlanabilir HeatGear® omuz askıları ile ekstra konfor
  • Yanlarda 2 adet su şişesi cebi
  • Üst tutma sapı
  • Ön panelde 2 adet D-halkası
  • Boyutlar: 54 x 37 x 4 cm
  • Küp Hacim: 29 L
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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Ürün bir çok bölmesi var çok kullanışlı ve büyüklüğü gayet iyi ve geniş liseye giden oğlumun okulda kullanması için aldım. Çok fazla kitap koysa bile sırtını ağrıtmıyormuş. Sağlam ve çok fonksiyonlu kullanışlı bir çanta

Best traveling companion!

Replacement hipment arrived in the nick of time... first one is somewhere in limbo.

Great, big backpack

I bought this backpack as a replacement for an old Storm backpack that had seen better days. This backpack is huge and fits more than I expected. The reinforced straps make the backpack easier to pick up and carry. All of the extra pockets are also a great perk!


I wanted to like this... but my issue may be because I am 5’3 and small... but this backpack killed my back. I used it to walk to work and carry a lot (lunch, gym stuff, shoes, water battle, umbrella, etc.). The chest strap did nothing to help, may have been better if there was a hip belt as well. The rigid back did not allow for any shaping to my lower back so I was leaning forward a lot, and no matter how high I adjusted it the bottom went below my hips. It is also very stuff and hard to fit things in. I carried a 50 liter backpack for months and it didn’t hurt me like this one.

Fantastic Product

This backpack is awesome. It is so adjustable that is can be positioned to anyway you like it. My grandson is super pleased with this backpack.

Awesome for an older kid

We purchased this backpack for our son who is in middle school and has lots of stuff including percussion items on most days. This is an awesome size. It's not too big, but it is a bigger pack which is what we were looking for. It really is the perfect fit and seems durable. So far we are super happy with this bag.

Experience for my child

The backpack fits comfortably for my son’s back also, the straps are thick so you’ll know it’ll last for a long time


hizli teslim, ayni urun ve kaliteli urun. urun istedigim gibi geldi ve kaliteli urun geldi. umdugumdan daha guzel urun.


Arkadaşlar çanta gayet geniş ve şık. Alırsanız pişman olmayacağınıza eminim. Aynı zamanda suyada dayanıklı. Okul,gym ve herhangi bir geziye gittiğinizde işinizi çok rahat görür.

The use of the accessory part

What is the black chain on the right top pocket corner showed in your second image?what it use for ? First I thought it should be a flexible key chain but I cannot find the other flexible part in the backpack ?