UA Stryker

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  • Aşınmaya dayanıklı kumaş üst kısım ve dökme PU yapı, rakipsiz koruma ve dayanıklılık sunar
  • Sırçalı burun cilalanabilir (yalnızca siyah botlarda)
  • Girintili bağcık korumaları sürtünmeyi sınırlar
  • Dış TPU topuk dolgusu, yapı ve destek sunup iç kısma rahatlık kazandırır
  • Kalıplı bilek köpüğü paketi rahattır
  • Topuk altındaki Charged Cushioning® hareketlerinize tepki verir ve rahattır
  • Hafif EVA orta taban optimum yastıklama sağlar
  • Michelin® Oc Dış Taban Bileşiği mükemmel tutuş sağlar
  • Yüksek tutuş sağlayan tırtık deseni, zeminle teması en üst düzeye çıkarır
  • Yükseklik: 19,5 cm
  • Ağırlık: 554,5 g
  • İthal edilmiştir

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Poor workmanship

I purchase a pair of Stryker Tactical directly from Under Armour. I’ve worn them less than my funeral dress shoes. There’s hardly any wear on the soles and they’re coming apart. If Under Armour was serious about their quality, they would quit responding to negative reviews with canned responses and stand behind their products. I’ve purchased a lot of their products in the past, but they’ve lost me as customer.

These are such great boots!

I’ve been looking for a really comfortable duty boot for work. I’m a correctional officer with 19 years experience walking the tiers. These to me are like a cross between a great boot and a great sneaker feel. I will have to research a comparable UA winter duty boot to wear then I’ll be totally set!

Perfect for work

I purchased these a little while back and held off wearing them until the UA Stellar had given me everything it had. I work at an airport and am on my feet for 8-10 hours a day and if I can get a year out of a pair of boots I am amazed. The fit is perfect for the shape of my foot. I have to wear orthotics so it is very nice that the insoles are removable. (Wish the insoles on the Stellar were removable). The comfort is better than most boots I have had in the past. I have yet to be disappointed by anything UA has made! I am open to sponsorship!


Great fitting very comfortable shoe but doesn't last long. I'm on active duty and have only used this in garrison for less than 3 months. No harsh climates or terrain yet the front of the shoe has a tear on the left side of the right shoe. Would love to give it 5 stars if only it lasted longer than 3 months. I love my UA boots given how extremely comfortable they are but they haven't lasted long for me and this was very disappointing. Had high hopes for this one with all the positive reviews. Must just be an outlier and I got a bad batch.

beautiful designed boot

It took a while but I had to get this boot just off the look alone however when I put these bad boys on I could tell that this was another winner from Under Armour. These boots are very comfortable and roomy for my foot they took a day to really conform to my flat feet but once they did it was foot comfort BLISS! I got the black ones for my job and as a deputy on his feet most of the time I needed footwear that could hold a shine and be easy to put on and take off and wear 8 to 10 hours a day five days a week this shoe easily fit those requirements. My fellow officers have given me quite a few compliments often thinking that they must be another Nikes product until they see the famous UA on the side now they want Under Armour. Even though UA has this boot with side zippers I prefer the mine that is without I like the snug fit, great boot all around good going UA!


Taba rengini aldım. Diğer taba botlarla kıyaslanamayacak bir karizması var. UA'da normal ayakkabı numaramdan 1,5 numara büyüğü uygun oluyor. Yani 43 numara giyiyorum ama 44,5 UA numaram. Üstelik ayağım taraklı değildir. Çok memnunum.

Great boots

They are very comfortable but still durable, the boots are well put together and stylish for a work boot. Several of my co workers in law enforcement have commented on how good the boots look. I will be purchasing a black pair of them.

Best UA boots

Great boot, really comfortable for flat feet people. Working on polishing the toe and heel.

Great Boots

Thank You UA. I really like these boots they are very comfortable and light I purchased the's boots in a size 14 and they fit and feel great I plan on buying another pair

Great so far

I bought these boots about 2 weeks ago, I had been looking at them since December of last year but could not pull the trigger on them due to the high price. I finally bought them since my other Under Armour boots were falling apart. I work mainly in a court/cell setting and am rarely outside, I do however walk a ton during my day and I have found these boots to be great so far. Originally when I first tried them on, I was worried that the end of the boot were the leather meets the nylon would start cutting into my toes, but they have broke in well and there have been no issues. The fit is very good, I went with a size 11 and that is what I usually wear. There are a couple things I really like about these: One user mentioned that the lacing system was not that good. I disagree, I think the laces are great and they remind me of the original Valstez lacing system (think 2015). I also think the nylon straps on the back of the boot to pull the boots on your feet on are awesome. The padding on the bed of your foot seems very sturdy and the support is great. I have walked at tops 8 miles in a shift with lots of standing around and my feet have felt awesome at the end of the shift. I hope this continues as in the past I have found Under Armour boots break down quickly and the support goes with it. I have not been anywhere that has been overly slippery so I can not comment on the grip of the boots, the tread has a Michelin logo on them so if that means something. I have received many compliments on the look of the boots as well from my coworkers and other people from different agencies, eg. breathable, aggressive, tough looking and sturdy. The breath ability is okay so far I still find my feet sweat no matter what boots I wear. Overall I am really satisfied with this purchase I just hope the durability of these boots lasts. If they do, I will scoop up another pair before these get discontinued. One last comment, Under Armour please bring back the orginal Valstez. They were light, breathable and comfortable. I should have bought 5 pairs.