UA Undeniable Torba Çanta

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UA Undeniable Torba Çanta
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UA Undeniable Torba Çanta

Ürün DNA’sı

  • Yanda yumuşak triko malzemeden astarı bulunan değerli eşya cebi
  • Kolayca ayarlanabilen tek kordon
  • Özel UA sternum klips
  • Ekstra depolama ve düzenleme için ön cepler
  • Ek tutturma noktası olarak ön panelde D-halkası
  • Boyutlar: 47,5 x 37,5 x 5 cm
  • Hacim: 25 L
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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Canta gayet kullanışlı

Oğluma aldım baskete giderken ve denize havuza giderken kullanıyor herkeze tavsiye ederim Gayet kullanışlı herşey rahatlıkla içine giriyor ön göze ayakkabılar rahatlık konulabiliyor .Biz keyifle kullanıyoruz

Herkes çantama göz dikti :)

Çok şık ve kullanışlı. Bütün gözler çantada ve herkes satın almak istiyor. Fiyatı da gerçekten çok makul.

Excellent for Biking

I bought this pack for when I go out on my bike. I've used it multiple times already and still no sign of wear. It can hold my phone, keys, gloves, cable lock, etc. maybe even my helmet if need be. Its just the right size for when I'm biking, it does not hang down too low and I hardly even notice it is there. Its got another loop near the bottom that I can hook a light to for extra visibility on the road. The price point is another selling feature, other cycling packs cost around 5 times what I paid for this.


Ürün tam olarak beklediğim büyüklükte geldi. Önde bulunan cep baya iyi iş görüyor. İcine baya eşya sığıyor ben 2 havlu, şort, Tshirt, shaker , suluk koymama rağmen yer kalıyor yanı boyutları gayet ideal kullanım olarak mukemmel ötesi az yer kaplayan kucuk boyutlarda bir çanta arayanlar icin birebir tavsiye ederim

Çok kullanışlı

Kullanımı ve malzeme kalitesi Harika. Yanda ve önde ekstra fermuarlı alan oluşu kullanım açısından daha da kolaylık sağlıyor.

Bad Quality

The inside liner, after minimal use from this bag, started peeling. The straps are way too long but I can deal with that. The liner is a quality issue. This bag is going back!

Love this bag

I love this bag! It is perfect for gym class. Even for after-school dance lessons. I even put carry clothes for tennis practice. This bag come in handy. I love the coral color. Me and my friend all have this bag. Its totally awesome!!

Pull string design issue. Reinforcement needed.

I have bought two of these sacks within the last year. It is an amazing product but recently I have brown both of them in the same way. The pull strings themselves are very well designed, but the way they are attached to the bottom of the bag is an issue. For both bags the string on one side or the other slowly starts to rip out of the bag. First the metal ring detatches. Not a major issue because the strings are attached to an inner piece of fabric with another metal right. However, with continued use, this piece of fabric tears off and renders the bag useless. I want to buy more but I don't want a bag that's going to break within the year of purchase.

Not for everyone

The backpack seemed like it would be perfect. I especially loved the separate compartment in the front that usually doesn't come with these sort of backpacks. I ordered online. I read a couple of reviews that did say the straps run a little long, but ultimately assumed that would be able to work around it. No such luck. I am 5'1, so when I packed it and put it on, the bottom of the sackpack came right below my butt. Which translated to it and it's weight smacking me on the behind every time I took a step. I gave it to a friend (that it taller than me) that same day, and hope she gets better use out of it. It's a great backpack, but IT IS NOT FOR SHORT PEOPLE. This might be case with all UA backpacks, so if you do find yourself a little "vertically challenged" like me, buying might be a better idea in person.

Color is amazing!

When I first opened the bag, It was much bigger then I expected. The color (I got pink) was bright and gorgeous! The opening tends to keep popping open even when I tighten it over and over, so that is a little annoying, but otherwise I like the bag a lot. Lots of room for 2 pairs of gym shoes, accessories, water, protein shaker, and more! Seams and stitching seems to be made very well and durable.